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Mar 26, 2013
ok so number 1 is i know that 4 square feet is required to a chicken in a coop but i need to know i have a 4x4 coop and a 12x15 run and is that ok to house 14 chickens for a month 1 being a rooster? im building a new coop but need to know how big it will have to be for all 14 chickens and will i need a run?

#2 today it was raining HARD and my chickens seemed to love playing out side in the rain will they get sick? do i need to lock them in the coop when it rains? i noticed my rooster sneezing along with 1 of the hens it this a BAD SIGN? please answer my questions in full detail asap much apreaciated.


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Apr 14, 2013
It would be fine to keep 14 chickens for a month. :) Chickens like to be out of the coop, so they will probably only go in there to sleep or eat.

Chickens can handle almost any kind of weather, so you don't have to lock them in when it rains. The sneezing might be a cold, or they got some water in their nose. Nothing too big to worry about.

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I think your 4x4 coop is way to small for that many birds. You could move your nest boxes outside into the run, to give you some more (very little) space.

The 12 x 15 run helps, and it would help more to put some roosts out there. Add a pallet on blocks, so birds can get under it and on top of it. It is an easy way of adding space to a run, adding levels. Also gives them some shade, and places to get away from each other.

But really, I don't think you are going to have a happy flock, I think that when they are that cramped, they are going to be lots of unpleasant flock issues.

But you might get by for a month...... but maybe not.

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Feb 9, 2013
I think that will be big enough to keep them in for a month. Your new coop should probably be about around 28 square feet with a run that is about 84 square feet give or take on both.

I don't think your chickens will get sick playing in the rain. Mine don't get sick and they are always out in the rain. Some chickens just sneeze for a little bit when they eat too fast but if it wasn't this then I don't know about chicken colds.

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