A Cute little inspiring poetic story a chicken lover might like!

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    To wake up in the morning, early, and feel like the most motivated yet relaxed person alive:
    The place where I wake is warm and the cedar wood burning in the wood stove’s essence lurks low in the halls of the cape in which I am the only human. The gundog, Arrow, arises with me and jumps off the bed with a thud onto the wood floor. I push my warm heavy quilts to the edge of the four post bed and glance out the window which reveals that a low foggy mist is hovering over the most tranquil aqua-green grass in the country. Rich and thick, nature’s carpet never looked so inviting. My morning stretch infuses a desire to spend the morning in the cool spring air with the ones I love most. I walk outside and make my way down the smooth, damp dirt path to the barn. The smell of the dusty antique barn is invigorating. My eyes trace the 100 year old ivy vines that climb the side, intermingling with an ancient grape vine growing the young, sweet fruit. I open the stalls and the horses run free into the pasture to feast upon the dewy New England grass. I look up and see nothing but rays of early morning sunlight streaking through the forest and into the small clearings where violets and tulips and daffodils push through the ground, for it is now spring. The trees have never been so still, and the birds so full of song. I next make my way back down another dirt path to the chicken coop. Up before the sun, they’re day is already well under way. They look at me as if to say “welcome back! What have you got for us today?” I reach into my pocket of my thin sweater and drop a handful of sunflower seeds onto the ground in front of them. Before I know it, 12 hungry chickens jump at my feet, forgetting where I stand. I look up and smell the cedar wood smoke arising from my chimney. The horses look beautiful in the pasture as they gallop together as a herd in happy circles along the white fence. The Arrow comes bounding around the corner of the small sage cape and steals up a few sunflower seeds for himself. His gold tag hanging from the leather collar shines in the thin sunray which caught it. Life seems to stand still at this point. If this moment could be captured in five small minuets, it means that it can be enjoyed for the rest of the day, for no one has plans when paradise is in your own backyard.
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    I always thought I would end up on one of the northern coasts. But if you replace the location with a foggy mountain top and the horses with alpacas- I'm there [​IMG]
    That reminds me of the meditation stories they used to tell us at camp.

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