A day in the life of henrietta the hen

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    it was a hot morning.

    Henrietta awoke to the noise of little peanut the cockerel attempting to crow. " Good morning all!" peanut squawked. It sounded much more like a wail, henrietta thought. Well, at least he was trying. Peanut had been a packing peanut, and was very frail from the start, and the bigger roosters always picked on him. As Henrietta stretched and yawned a big chicken yawn, she was greeted by her best friend, Onyx. " Poor little peanut." Onyx clucked. " "He never has really fit into the popular group." Henrietta replied. When the girls went over the gossip they had heard the others clucking about the night before, they heard the wonderful sound that came every morning. " Here chicky chicky! Breakfast girls! Come and get it! The flock stampeded across the open plain (urm, the chicken yard...) to get whatever yummy morsels the mistress had this morning. "Oh goody! Burnt toast!" Onyx churred excitedly. "Save some for me!" squawked henrietta. She was very thirsty and decided to go and get some water from the magic fountain.

    In henrietta's opinion, magic was the only way this fountain could work. Every time it started to get empty, some little bubbles gurgled up from the bottom, and more water suddenly appeared! She spent much of her time just watching it happen and pecking at the bubbles. When she got to the fountain, henrietta took a big chicken slurp. Ahhh, she churred. Refreshing magical water. It was hot out! She repeated the slurping and ahhing for a while, and then decided to go get some chickie crumbles before they were all gone. Peck,Peck,Peck! she had to hurry and get as many bits of crumbles as fast as she could before the others got to them! When she was about halfway through, she felt a sharp pain in one of her toes. OWWIE!! she squawked. She looked over where she suspected whatever had inflicted pain onto her poor toe sat. She was not surprised when she saw a chubby little broiler chick. "food?" said the broiler chick. " MY TOE IS NOT FOOD" scolded henrietta. " food?" peeped the broiler chick. " Go get your own food!" clucked henrietta. " Food?" repeated the broiler chick. Henrietta sighed. she was quite disgusted. The broiler chicks were incorrigible! She strutted away unhappily, trying to mend her wounded pride.

    no pictures yet, but I will get pictures soon- one of my friends has the camera but I will have it back later today.

    I have seen others keep a daily journal of their chickens lives on here, and I couldn't help but try it myself. Please critique my work! I would really appreciate suggestions on making it better, as I want to be a writer. Thanks for reading! [​IMG]
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    Great Start Pics would be nice also!
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    [​IMG] I started laughing at the broiler chick part [​IMG]
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    Henrietta groaned. Why did it always have to rain when she was planning something?
    All the chickens were crowded inside the coop. despite the stuffy conditions, most were FAR away from henrietta- she was grumpy with a capital G! [​IMG] She had wanted to escape the run today and polish off some of the newly ripened gooseberries outside the fence, and chat with her friend onyx. But alas, it was raining, and raining HARD.To make things worse, there were three new girls in the coop. Rumpy, lucille, and lucy. Great henrietta thought. More hens to share the goodies with, and from the looks of it, Rumpy is going to be eating alot. She should really watch her calorie intake before she gets to bulky to fit through the door! Rumpy reminded Henrietta alot of the broiler chicks, only she had a more developed vocabulary (the only word the broiler chicks seem to know is "Food" often pronounced as a question). Oh well. She thought. I'll just go sit in a nest box and chat with some of the girls. As henrietta shuffled her drumsticks over to the nestboxes, Julian crossed her path. She almost fainted- Julian was the most popular roo, and in henrietta's mind, the cutest one too! "Hey Julian!" clucked henrietta exitedly. "Hi there henrietta!" replied julian, cocking his head to one side as he often did when he talked. Henrietta thought it was so cute how how his little comb and waddles flopped to the side when he talked. "Well, see you later!" Julian said. I have to go make sure the other roosters know Im the big cheese around here, and crow up the sun." Henrietta thought Julian was the most gentlemen like roo in the coop. He could actually engage in conversation without showing off his spurs, or talking about the latest fight he had been in. Henrietta sighed dreamily. What a manly rooster he was. [​IMG]
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    I can't wait for more
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    Keep em coming! I love stories and can't sleep.
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    Muskogee OK
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    LOVE it!!!
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    Can't wait for more!
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    Great beginning; can't wait to read more of Henrietta's story.

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