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    May 19, 2010
    I usually let my chickens out whenever I know I've run all of my errands and I'm in for the rest of the day. That's typically 3-4:00.
    Some days are better than others.
    Yesterday was extraordinary.
    I let them out and, as usual, it was mass hysteria; flying, flapping, crowing, clucking, and running around. This usually takes about five minutes and they calm down. Not this day......
    The rooster and two barred rock hens head for the front of the property to look for bugs in the drainage ditch. This puts them right on the edge of the road, and it's the ONLY place on five acres that I DON'T want the chickens to go. Another of the barred rock starts singing the egg song, and heads for my front door, where she wedges herself between the screen door and the front door and starts BOCKBOCKBOCKing so loudly that the rooster runs over to see what all of the fuss is about. On the other side of the door, my dog is going insane.
    Meanwhile, one of the production reds has flown up onto an outside nest box I made. She is picking hay, moss, and wood shavings out of the nest and placing it all on her back. WHAT? Pan over to a fallen pecan tree near the coop. The remaining production reds are lining up to climb up the main trunk of the tree. Once they reach a point about twelve feet off of the ground, they jump off and "fly" to the ground, then run around to get back in line to do it again.
    Back at the front door, mt barred rock drama queen still has no egg. The rooster is pacing, not knowing what to do. One of her barred rock sisters has come to comfort her and has laid her neck across her back. All of this is taking place on the threshold of my front door, and the dog has now lost his mind and I really would like to go in there and use the bathroom and maybe grab a beer. I decide to give her a few more minutes, so I head back down to the coop. The production red that was in the outside nest is gone. There is nothing in the nest. I look in the pecan tree. No chickens anywhere. I look back towards the house and see one barred rock hen in an open area. At this very moment a small hawk flies low over the yard, maybe a foot over the hen's back. Then the hawk flies up into a tree to watch and wait. Back at the front door, the barred rock hen has finally laid her egg, thank God....except that now she is at the front of the property, in the ditch with the rooster and a couple of her sisters. Still no sign of the five production reds. I look for ten minutes and finally find them under a fig tree taking dust baths and doing each other's toes. I look back towards the front and count three barred rock hens. There should be four, and the rooster is walking around looking kind of worried. I look up at the tree where the hawk landed. No hawk. Then I hear the missing hen screaming her head off....baGOCK!!!bukbukbaGOCK!!!bukbukbaGOCK!!!. She is now on the front porch trying to lay an egg, just like her sister just did. Thankfully, she didn't take nearly as long, and after she laid, I went inside and straight to the cupboard, got a can of tuna, and grabbed an ear of fresh corn out of the fridge.
    I called the little beggars and they all came running....put the tuna in the treat bowl and hung the corn from a tree branch like a chicken pinata.
    At least that kept them in the same general area so I could clean the coop and fill the waterers and feeders.
    Chickens can drive you nuts sometimes.


    P.S. - I forgot to mention.....the little production red that was in the outside nest? Well, after I had the coop clean and was heading inside I checked the nest again, and found.....TWO beautiful brown eggs. TWO? What the........
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    Apr 22, 2010
    Westminster, MD
    Talk about needing to be in two places at once........Great story. I'm glad Mr. Hawk flew away empty taloned. Chickens do have an agenda all their own.

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