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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mikki717, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. mikki717

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    Dec 7, 2009
    Hesperia, CA
    Today was the girl's first day out! They were hatched 11/10, and seem well feathered, if not fully, so while I cleaned the brooder, they had some sunshine time.

    At first they were pretty hesitant... but after a few minutes, they were cheeping, flying and hopping around like crazy!

    All was going so well... when I heard the hawk screaming. It landed in a tree next door, but I stayed in the "truck" until it left, and them bustled them back into the box to transport them back into the brooder. For some funny reason, it was much easier getting them OUT into the sunshine than catching them again after it was time to go home. (It so reminded me of when I took my human kids to the park and told them it was time to go home before dark!) Is it harder herding chickens or cats? close race I think!

    Only three weeks more (I think) and they will be feathered enough to stay outdoors. I don't know if I am glad or sad....

    We are in Northern California, so while it is cold, it is not frigid. OK, we did get snow last week, but I brought the big "kids" into the garage and let them sleep in the warmth until the frost passed.
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    Jun 17, 2009
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    Hi mikki! I live in Citrus Heights and there are a few other locals on here too. Keep an eye on those hawks. It is a big problem for me. I am trying to find ways to protect my flock, short of locking them up. I just hate that. I think it is time to hang more fishing line and CDs.

    Anyway, congrats on your crew and come back to visit often. I am going to try to arrange some kind of local get together for us, maybe early Spring.

  3. mikki717

    mikki717 My Drug of Choice- Chickens

    Dec 7, 2009
    Hesperia, CA
    That would be amazing! DH actually enclosed the large coop so it looks like a gigantic zoo enclosure! But the little girls aren't ready for being in with the big girls yet, and only go out whith supervision. Another three weeks or so, depending when my little runt Speck is ready. I don't want to hold her back alone. She gets really upset when she is away from her sisters.

    I have 6 RIR... 3 pullets and 3 Roos (Free to good home to anyone reading this! Roos only![​IMG]) and 1 Bantam Mille Fleur Roo who will be staying with the flock that are about 4 or 5 months old. Then there are the 25 girls (5 weeks) and one 5 week roo (sneaky pete...) Although... if someone wants a roo for a pet, then I would be willing to give them a pullet in a month or so when they are ready. Mostly EE's. The rainbow layer collection don't ya know!

    When they are feathered, and closer to POL, I will try and sell off some of th little girls since I don't need quite that many hens! I was expecting a 50% mortality from the day old chicks since this my first foray into chicken herding. Apparently McMurray is a great hatchery... and I am a better chicken herder than I thought!
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    I'm in West Sacramento, address-wise in the Southport area (but not in the pricey area). Just this past weekend, I noticed a hawk sitting on a post at the far end of my landlady's property. LOOKING MY WAY. After a few moments, it flew ever so casually into a tree on the other side of that portion of the yard, but it still faced my yard when it settled down. I am SO glad I put up bird netting over the run! And I think I can scramble up some old CDs to hang in the trees.... hadn't thought of that tactic.

    None of the excessively large crows - they aren't ravens, are they??? - seem to perch anywhere nearby to watch my chickens, but the girls and the adolescent rooster all notice 'em when they fly over and they go stock still until the crows have passed out of sight. I don't think they saw the hawk, though.....[​IMG]

    ...fishing line.... CDs.... it's always SOMETHING. I still need to stop at The Big Orange Box on the way home to get some more PCV elbows to finish up the second gravity waterer.

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