A dead hen this morning

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    We have 7 hens now, after losing one of our 3 EE's sometime last night. She'd been acting very depressed, but was still eating, drinking and roosting so we thought she was just adjusting. Out of our adult chickens she was one of the younger ones, not laying yet. We have 2 that are younger than her and are low in the pecking order, but they really seem fine together and quite happy actually.
    She displayed no symptoms until recently, she was spending a lot of time in the coop during the day, but was eating and drinking with smaller, but normal looking excrement. We notice the EE's in general aren't quite as hearty eaters as our Buff Orp's and Barred Rock, perhaps due to their much smaller size in general. But she was by far the least active one. The day before yesterday she was still competing with the others for hand fed treats even. Yesterday when I went out to collect eggs, about 11am, she was sleeping on the floor of the coop, standing, with her head tucked into her feathers even, that was unusual and worried me, but I thought as long as she was eating still then she'd be fine, guess I was wrong.
    My hubby doesn't want to spend $ at the vet on a $25 chicken, but I'm worried about our other $175 worth of chickens too. He thinks she was egg bound, but we also heard from our neighbor this morning that there was a huge racoon in his yard this in broad daylight bothering the wild birds, our coop is very secure, but could stress cause this? I'm really just hoping for some educated guesses or opinions from people who've been doing this for longer than our 3 weeks of experience.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello - sorry for your loss. I don't think you will ever know what she died of unless you have a necropsy done - expensive. It's a fact of chicken life that some of them just keel over and die. It has happened to me with small chicks, adolescents & 1 older bird, I think most everyone here has had a similar occurence. They all look fine one day, the next they are dead. I would simply keep a close eye on the others to ensure they are doing well, if they exhibit any signs of illness then take one to the vet, it would be a wise investment. Good luck and keep us posted, [​IMG]

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