A desparate call to oregonians for help-afraid my girl is gonna die

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    My family is on the edge of poverty and we have nearly no money for the needs of my chickens. I can feed them but I have a hen, austro, that is being seriosly picked on. About 3 months ago austro was a healthy, happy chicken. She had no missing feathers, she had a wonderfull sheen. Then general red, my production red, started to eat austro's feathers. pretty soon everyone else stared picking on him and 2 months later, this is what she looks like-



    She is actualy worse than what these pictures show-now most all her feathers are broken off at the tip or just gone. We have no seperation pen and no money to build one, I am hoping someone near salem would be kind enough to give us something. biulding materials, a fence, or mabey a tractor coop, anything would be much appreiciated. I know its a lot to ask, especialy in these hard times, but please consider doing this for me.
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    Missy, sorry for what is happening to your hen, When i have to isolate a bird I have to use a dog kennel or crate. Thats all I have. Maybe you know someone you can borrow one from or find one real cheap on craigslist. You diffently need to get her away from the others till het feathers come back in. Then you'll really have to watch her to be sure they don't start again. I sure hope someone can help you out!
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    I would increase protein too.
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    You can always give that bird away... That would be kind... and might take the pressure off. Are you sure she sn't broody?

    go get some black oil sunflower seeds for the feather eating or give them dry catfood moisened... it will up the protien
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