A dog attacked my 14 week old chicks


11 Years
Nov 4, 2008

i was outside with 3 of my babies when my neighbor comes comes over. But then her dog gets loose and starts to chase after the chickens. I am screaming like crazy. For anyone who has not heard a chicken that is about to get eaten, its a horrible noise. And i haven't seen any of my babies fly. The didn't flutter. They were literally flying. Kingler (an ee barred rock mix) ran into this place full of branches and bushes. He wedges himself under some branches. Right then my neighbor caught the dog. But a branch fell on Kingler so he got stuck. And believe me, a little treat didn't move him. we had to break all the branches around him.

i have one question. Will these three chickens be too scared to go outside again?


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Sep 7, 2008
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They'll be a freaked out for awhile, but will be OK. Watch to make sure they don't go into shock.
Good Luck,

Imp- maybe a no dogs allowed sign?


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Sep 15, 2008
Williamson, GA
Sorry about the scary dog incident. I had a couple of the same the first few weeks I had my birds, with my own dogs!
until they were properly advised that that sort of behavior would not be tolerated.

My birds were pretty shaken up for a day or so, but they got over it really easily. Try not to worry. Maybe some extra treats . . .


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Jan 23, 2009
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AND please for your sake and your chicken's sake, tell your neighbor in the nicest way you can think of..... YOUR DOG IS NOT WELCOME HERE AGAIN - EVER

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to convince yet another neighbor that their dog is not welcome on my property. I will probably get the usual..... It is not my dog and even if it was, he wouldn't hurt anything response.

This will be dog #3 from the neighborhood to go on a free trip to the pound with the animal control officer

Even the AC officer agrees with me, all the dogs are smarter than their owners.

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