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    Have to say I usually incubate in bator - but I had a broody hen that just wouldn't quit - got some hatching eggs from Ebay Lavender Orphs - Well post office must have scrambled them or I got bad eggs or there was some bad fertility as even though the air cells were jiggly I set 20 eggs - 8 under broody hen the rest in the bator - after a week only 3 out of the 8 were viable under then hen - the 12 I put in the bator only 2 were viable - all the rest were clears and two had blood rings - well all 3 hatched under the hen today - no issues nice and fluffy little cuties and as you can tell in the photo the shells are super clean - the bator they are still a few days away they just went into lock down today but of the 2 left that were viable one quit late after the last candling the last one fingers crossed that it hatches as after shipping these were some pretty pricey chicks.. :(

    My broody hen who let me do whatever with the eggs is not letting me do much with the babies.. she's very protective..
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