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    Aug 12, 2011
    This is a story of a farm girl living in the mid 1800s. Hope you enjoy!

    Chapter One

    Anne awoke to the sound of rain beating against the sides of their old farmhouse. She rolled lazily over in bed and pulled the covers over her head. She had always hated getting up in the morning to milk the cows, especially when it was raining. Anne was a step away from sleep when the girls’ bedroom door burst open. She gasped as a body slammed into hers. “JUBILEE FAITH KING THE SECOND!” Anne screeched. She kicked at her little sister with all the strength in her half asleep body. Jubilee accustomed to this quickly slid off the bed and let her older sister finish her madness at the air. When Anne realized that Jubilee was no longer on the bed she groggily sat up. Her frizzy brown hair was matted on her head and her big brown eyes were half closed. “Well,” Anne snapped, “what do you want?”
    “Pa’ said it was time to milk the cows.” Jubilee stated. Anne rolled angrily out of bed and walked over to her dresser. She pulled out her work clothes; a red and white checkered shirt with a well-worn pair of overalls. The look she gave Jubilee was a look that said, “if you don’t get out now I’ll make YOU milk the cows!” Jubilee quickly excited. Anne shut and locked her door and pulled on her clothes. Then she hastily braided her long brown hair into tow braids. Finally she was ready. Anne skipped the steep and winding stairs to the kitchen to the smell of bacon and eggs. Skidding around the corner she almost knocked down her littlest sister, Tatiana.
    “Watch where your walking Anne!” Tatiana wined as she took a bite out of the apple in her hand, “look Anne! I have to use my side teeth ‘cause I lost the two front last night!” Here she proudly displayed the huge gap in her mouth.
    “That’s nice T,” Anne said half heartedly as she reached for a slice of bacon. She munched on it for a minute and then ran to the hall were they kept al of their winter jackets and boots. Anne walked to the peg that had her name written on it in big, black letters. She yanked the heavy coat off the hook and pulled it on. The sleeves were five inches longer than her arms and the bottom reached all the way down to her knees ‘but at least it’s warm’ she thought as she pulled on her boots, again two sizes to big. ‘But that’s O.K.’ she thought again, ‘at least the mud won’t seep over the ledge!’ With that she flung the back door open and rushed out towards the barn. The rain was so thick that she had to strain to see where she was going. Finally she ran into the huge barn door. She opened the door and stepped inside quickly. The smell of fresh hay and animals greeted her. Anne carefully struck a match and lit the kerosene lamp; light flooded the barn. Suddenly she heard what sounded like a distress call from one of the horses. She sprinted over to the horses and looked inside the first stall. One of their mares was lying on the ground ready to foal! She squealed with delight and flew out of the barn and back to the house. She burst through the kitchen door, “PA!” she hollered, “Rosie having her foal!” Anne’s father ran down the stairs and grabbed a coat and boots.

    “Anne, you go get your brother and sister and tell them that I need them in the barn.” He opened the door and then added, “and hurry!” then disappeared. Anne galloped up the stairs to the girls’ room. She banged the door open and called to her older sister, Mary, “Mary! Rosie’s in foal! Pa’ needs you!” She didn’t wait for a reply. She ran down the hall a little ways and banged on the door of the boys’ room, only home to one boy now that her three other older brothers were moved out. “John! Pa’ needs you in the barn!” she ran back down stairs and plopped herself into a chair to catch her breath. Her mother placed an egg and three slices of bacon on a blue trimmed plate and set it before Anne. She wolfed down her food and wiped her hands on her overalls. Jumping up she said, “Oh no! I forgot to milk the cow!” And then she had to go back and put her coat and boots on and go brave the icy winds yet again. She pulled the doors open and closed them quickly. She ran over to the horses to see how everything was going. It all seemed fine so she walked over to the cows. There were eight of them, which meant a good hour of milking. She grudgingly sat down and began.

    After that was finished she went to feed the chickens. Anne grabbed a bucket off the wall and scooped up some chicken feed. She hobbled outside to the coop and stepped inside. The sides of the run were closed in so the rain couldn’t find it’s way in. There a loud clucking noise and a faint swooshing sound. Suddenly a heavy object pounced on her shoulder. Anne chuckled and looked to her right. Her favorite chicken, Goliath was perched, as content as a chicken could be on Anne’s shoulder. She scooped some feed into the palm of her hand and offered it to Goliath, he took it gratefully. Then she gently swiped him off and started scattering the food all over. After a couple minutes she just dumped the bucket on the ground and watched with glee as al the chickens scrambled to be the king of the mountain.

    Next were the pigs. Out of all her chores she had to do, feeding the pigs were her least favorite. The reason being that she had to go al the way back to the house and get the slop bucket, come back out side, go into the mud infested pen and try to dump out the contents of the bucket while at the same time trying to keep from tripping headlong into the mud. So after she shut the coop door she ran to the house and knocked on the door. Her mother stuck the slop bucket out and Anne grabbed it quickly. She then ran back to the pigpen. She stealthily opened the gate so as not to wake the lazy pigs. She tiptoed (as best as one can do in mud) and quietly let the stuff slide out. She pinched her nose in indignation. Suddenly she heard a loud grunt and whirled around. All the pigs were lined up as if ready for battle. Anne screamed, the pigs screamed and in no time at all Anne was flying out of the pen and towards the house.

    When she reached the porch she stomped on the boots to get the caked mud off and shook off her coat. She quickly jumped inside. Anne glanced at the clock, 7:15 a.m. ‘Not bad,’ she thought, ‘still plenty of time to get ready for school!’ She skipped happily up the stairs and into the bedroom. She walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. She gently unfolded a light blue calico dress with little pearl buttons. She sighed and thought, ‘my coat and boots will just ruin my new dress!’ but she didn’t have much time to despair as Jubilee and Tatiana walked in.
    “Help me dress Anne!” Tatiana demanded. Anne rolled her eyes and helped Tatiana put on her green calico dress. Anne then pulled down Tatiana’s coat and helped her into it. She then laced up her black boots, “and do my hair!” Anne’s eyes blazed with anger, but she agreed. She separated Tatiana’s hair into two parts and French braided them. Then for a finishing touch she tied two small green ribbons around the bottom. Tatiana gave her a rewarding smile and bounded down the stairs. Anne was about to put her own dress on but was interrupted by Jubilee. “Anne will you do my hair?” Anne spun around and smiled sweetly; too sweetly. “Of course Jubilee dear, whatever you say.” Jubilee knew what was coming. During her styling Anne pulled, poked and squewered pore Jubilee. But, in the end Jubilee had a stunning bun. Anne let out an angry sigh and finally managed to slip on her dress. ‘To late to do my hair now.’ She thought, but she tried to tame the wild hairs that had escaped. She then pulled on her coat, laced up her boots and ran downstairs.

    “John will be taking you to school today girls.” Anne’s mother said. Jubilee and Tatiana cheered but Anne groaned. She hated when John took then to school. He would always tell them a story about a little boy named Hannibal McNeal Patoonski, who lived in the forest with his sword and had wonderful adventures. It was all very boring to Anne and stupid.
    Finally John drove the buggy around to the front of the house. The girls all filled in and John made the horses go to a trot. Anne was glad the rain had stopped as they traveled through the forest. Sure enough, John started telling the two younger ones a story. Anne hardly paid any attention though, she was absorbed in the vibrant colors of winter all the different shades of brown and dark green. She breathed in the scent of freshly cut pines and the smell rain made. She noticed that the story was over and she straightened up as thy entered the town. The wagon made wheel marks in the road and splashed up muddy water. Miss Greenfield waved from the general store window as they passed. Tatiana waved back excitedly at the kind woman. There were hardly any people out today due to the rain and the whole ride was rather quiet.
    Finally they reached the schoolhouse; a small cozy building made of red bricks with an enormous potbelly stove inside. John stopped the wagon and helped the girls down. Once they were all out Anne took each girl by the hand and led them up the steps to the school…
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    Awesome! Keep it coming. I like Anne's character; I totally relate. [​IMG]
  3. Blonde

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    Aug 12, 2011
    Quote:Haha! I'm working on chapter two right now!
  4. Blonde

    Blonde Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 12, 2011
    Here's Chapter Two!

    Chapter Two

    Once inside the Jubilee and Tatiana took their seats. Anne waved to her best friend Cecily Hubert. Anne walked over to her desk, “Hey how have you been?”
    “Fine I guess.” Cecily sighed.
    “Uho, what is it now?” Anne asked,
    “Well it’s just that Edward is REALLY annoying!” Cecily stated. Edward was Cecily’s younger brother and a so called miny John.
    “Well, at least you get to come over today!” Anne said trying to brighten things up a little, “no Edward there!”
    “That’s just it! My Mom talked to your Mom and Edward is coming too!”
    “WHAT!” Anne screamed. She was about to go on but she noticed the whole classroom was starring at her. She sheepishly walked to her seat and sat down. There was a moments silence, then,
    “Good morning class, I am Miss Dunway and I will be your teacher.”
    “Good morning Miss Dunway.” The whole class said in unison. Anne looked over their new teacher with a critical eye. Her light red hair was in a tight bun and her dark green eyes seemed to see everything at once. She was brought back to reality when she heard the teacher say, “I would like all of you to state you given Christian names and say your ages please. We will start with you.” She pointed to Jubilee.
    “My name is Jubilee Faith King and I am eleven years old.” Jubilee smiled and then sat down, Anne could tell that she was going to be teachers pet.
    “My name is Tatiana Grace King, Jubilee’s my sister!” She exclaimed happily and then added, “I am eight years old.” Anne smiled in spite of herself at her younger sisters speech.
    “My name is Cecily Elizabeth Hubert and I am Fourteen years old.” Anne’s mind suddenly turned to the thought of Edward coming over and all the stuff him and John would do to torture the two girls, ‘Jubilee will probably help then too!’ Anne thought. She straightened up though for it was almost her turn.
    “My name is Peter John Bronce and I am thirteen years old.” It was Anne’s turn now. Before she started she flashed the class a big smile and then said,
    “My name is Anne Rose King and I am thirteen years old.” She said proudly.
    “My name is Isabella Johnston and I am thirteen.” Lydia turned to stare at the prissy Miss Johnston. Her parents were extremely rich, but every winter they sent her to this school. Lydia loathed Isabella.
    A few more people went and then more silence. “Well then.” Miss Dunway sniffed, “I can see that not everyone is here today.”
    ‘Oh no ma’am!” Tatiana spoke up, “everyone’s here that is supposed to be!” Miss Dunway looked down her long nose and gave Tatiana an ice cold stare.
    “I was told that there were 20 children in this town am I correct?”
    “Yes Miss Dunway.”
    “And I only see nineteen here. So, one is missing.”
    “Ya, but he never comes.” A young boy names Philip stated. All the young kids nodded their heads but the older ones knew the real reason. The boy named Aden was son to the town drunk and didn’t care a wit about getting an education.
    Miss Dunway snorted and continued, “Children order! We will begin our lesson.”


    “Whew!” Cecily sighed as she brushed a strand of red hair off her forehead, “that Miss Dunway is tough!”
    “You bet!” Lydia sighed taking Olivia’s arm as they walked down the path towards Anne’s house.
    “Don’t you think we should wait for Jubilee and Tatiana?” Cecily asked.
    “Oh no. They will come home soon.” And with that they skipped down the path.
    When Anne’s house came into view they sprinted up to the porch and up the steps. They thundered upstairs and into the girls room. Anne’s mother was dusting, where’s Marry Ma’” Anne asked.
    "She is over helping the Smiths make pies for next weeks party.”
    “Oh the party!” Anne and Cecily both squealed with delight.
    “I hope it’s not raining!” Cecily stated.
    “Me too!” Anne added. She was looking forward to the party, her first party ever! And the first time wearing a hoop! ‘I’ll get to wear the new dress mother made me!’ she thought with glee. When Anne’s mom excited Cecily asked.
    “How will you do your hair?”
    “Oh, I don’t know… Maybe up in a bun.” She tossed her books on a chair, “how ‘bout you?”
    “I think I will do the same.” Just then they heard a fierce growl come from the window. They whirled around in time to see John and Edward standing there laughing their heads off, ‘UH! It’s already started!’ Anne thought.
    “Ignore then Anne, “ Olivia said her head held high.
    “Well it will be hard to… I know! We can go see if Rosie had her foal!”
    “Oh yes lets!” Cecily smiled. Cecily loved horses. In fact she had one of her own: Milky. So called for her pure white coat, mane and tail. They ran downstairs and outside. They galloped into the barn and on towards the stalls. There to greet them was a healthy, adorable foal!
    “Oh he’s darling!” Anne exclaimed.
    “Look at his color! Pure black!” Cecily nodded in an approval.
    “And his eyes! They look like they have some green in them!” Lydia said astonished.
    “Your right!” Cecily agreed. They looked a few moments more when they heard the barn door creak open. “Uho… Ed! John!” No answer.
    “C’mone lets go and see.” They marched into the center of the barn and all of the sudden whack! Whack! Two bales of hay had dropped from the loft onto the two girls! Cecily jumped up spitting hay from her mouth,
    “EDWARD! JOHN!” She screamed, “Anne! Are you alright?”
    “I-I thin-k-k s-so.”
    “Come on! Let’s get ‘em!” Cecily urged.
    “I dunno. Lets just go!” They raced up to the loft and caught the boys by the arm, “Edward James Hubert the fourth I’m ashamed of you!” Cecily yelled.
    “And you! John Gilbert Joe Renay Tom King the sixth! HOW COULD YOU!” to Anne’s surprise he started laughing!
    “You know you look extremely funny with hay in your hair!” Then both boys were cracking up leaving the girls to grovel in their misery…
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    [​IMG] Awesome.
  6. Blonde

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    Aug 12, 2011
    Quote:Thanks! I'll have chapter two by tomorrow!
  7. WooingWyandotte

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    Quote:Thanks! I'll have chapter two by tomorrow!

    You just put up chapter 2, though. [​IMG] Chapter 2 1/2 or chapter 3?
  8. Blonde

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    Aug 12, 2011
    Quote:Thanks! I'll have chapter two by tomorrow!

    You just put up chapter 2, though. [​IMG] Chapter 2 1/2 or chapter 3?

    I meant to say chapter three [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Blonde

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    Aug 12, 2011
    Here's chapter three, i added the ending!

    Chapter Three

    The next day Anne awoke as usual and went through her daily rutine. When she was finished she went back to the kitchen. She was surprised to see her mother walking out the door, “Ma’? We’re you going?”
    “Mrs. Carter’s having her baby and I’m going to help.”
    “But, who’s gonna make breakfast!”
    “Well, I suppose Marry will dear. I will be back by three if all goes well.” And with that she walked out the door. Anne sighed.
    ‘MARRY!” She yelled, “Ma’ said you was gonna make breakfast!”
    “Oh Anne, I’m bussy.”
    “Doin’ what!”
    “I’m mending the hole in T’s dress! Now why don’t you make breakfast!” she
    “Marry-“ she stopped. Grumbling she stomped into the kitchen and decided to make oatmeal. ‘well if I’m forced to make breakfast I’ll just make something no one enjoys!’ she thought evily. Reaching down she took out the biggest pot she could find. She slapped it down on the stove, “JOHN!” Anne waited. John came slowly around the corner.
    “What’d you want?”
    “Can you start the fire for me?”
    “FINE!” He went outside and grabbed two large logs from the woodpile and threw them into the stove. He then took a match and scrapped it on Anne’s boots.
    “Thanks.” She said sarcastically.
    “Your welcome.” He paused for a moment, “this will take about fifteen minutes to heat up.” And then he left. Anne sighed, ‘let’s see’ she thought, ‘there’s five people, so we’ll do two cups of oats for each person…’ she walked over to the pantry and grabbed the huge bag of oats. Anne dragged it over to the heating stove and retrieved a measuring cup from the cupboard. She counted out ten cup of oats. ‘Now I think it’s about two cups water for every cup so that will be… I think that’s five cups of water…’ she hesitated. She was never very good at math but she was sure she was right. So she dumped five cups of water in the pot and looked at the clock, it was 6:45 a.m. ‘I’ll give it fifteen minutes’ she thought as she walked out the kitchen very proud of herself. She skipped up the stairs and into the bedroom. She got dressed for school and helped Tatiana and Jubilee. Then she marched back down onto the kitchen. Her eyes nearly popped out of her skull. Water and oats were spuing every which way and onto the floor. She gasped and grabbed an empty bucket and started scooping up the oatmeal as best as she could. She was still trying to rescue some when Marry walked around the corner, “Anne I need- What in the world!”
    “HELP ME!” Anne gasped. Marry ran outside and grabbed a bucket of water. She then dowsed the fire inside the stove and helped Anne with the clean up.
    “I think.” Marry mussed, “that I shall make breakfast next time…” She put her hands on her hips and surveyed Anne and the kitchen.
    “Thanks. Oh my goodness! We’ll be late for school!” Anne ran to the front door called for Tatiana and Jubilee as she went. They all three burst through the door and took off running down the road.


    Once they reached the schoolyard Anne was grateful that the teacher wasn’t even there yet. She walked over to her friend, Cecily. “Hi Cecily!” She smiled.
    “Hey! Have you heard.” She whispered excitedly.
    “Heard what?”
    “Miss Dunway left!”
    “She got a better job offer and just up and left! We get and early Christmas brake!” Cecily jumped for joy.
    “Really! YA!” Anne joined her. Pretty soon everyone was having a good time playing and laughing when little Philip pointed to the sky,
    “Look at those clouds!” Everyone looked to the sky and saw the dark clouds forming.
    “T! Jubilee! Come on! We better get home!” Anne yelled as the sky turned dark. The two little girls came running and took Anne’s hands, “Cecily! You and Ed can come to our house till the storm passes!” The wind was picking up now.
    “Thanks. ED! Come on!” they all raced out of the schoolyard and into the woods.
    The wind was really strong now and the rain started coming down. Anne could barely see more than four feet in front of her. Suddenly Anne could hear the sound of frightend horses and yelling. She saw Cecily look over her shoulder and then push them all over to the side of the road. Anne heard the horses and men thunder past and she shivered at the near tragedy. From then on they were careful to stay on the side of the path.
    “How much longer?” Tatiana yelled over the wind.
    “I don’t know! We should have been home by now!” Anne speculated.
    “Anne,” Cecily whispered in her ear, “has it occurred to you that we could be walking in circles?”
    “Ya, but we’re following the path.” Anne retorted.
    “ Yes… Bt we may have passed the house.” Cecily warned, Anne stopped.
    “LOOK! The house!” Jubilee yelled. Anne let out a deep sigh. They all ran to the front door and burst through. Anne stopped, this was not their house…
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    [​IMG] Great Job

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