A few Don't feed-treats and about the good breeds!.

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    Sep 27, 2014
    I noticed people wanting to buy a few more chickens. I've also seen people wanting to know is this a reliable treat,should I give it to them etc.There are certain breeds who have attitudes.Mean,bossy etc.This envolves buying chickens.Nobody wants mean hens.Not only this,some would like a companion hen or a calm friendly hen.This is existing.The PR(Production Red)is a good breed.The PR from my experience its a nice,great layer,excelent compainion type hen.If your looking for a nice sized good layer the Buff Orpington is it.The breed Buff is a bossy type chicken,but great layers.RIRS(Rhode Island Reds) are great layers,but bossy.The Newhampshire Red also is a good layer and nice hen.Lot's of time chickens begin certain behaviors as chicks because they are bullied,a runt,or naturally an outcast.There are a list of treats you SHOULDN'T feed your hens.Corn.Corns a number 1 no no,lots of people think the corn is a very nice treat.Corn causes a deseas.Bread is a number 1 no no as well.Bread fatten hens overally all the time.This doesn't mean it starts health problem,but its possible and causes limping,lot more sitting.Sugar foods aren't something you should feed chickens.Lots of sugar type foods posions animals.For example chocolate.Lots of animals die from having chocolate.Potatoes mashed.Mashed taters are known to get stuck in their throughts. About any tater product is dangerous.Bananas are things that get stuck in their throughts as well.

    How To Cure Fighting problems
    I know how hard it is to cure fighting probs,but i've experienced lots.

    If you are wanting to introduce new chickens to others its best to do it threw fences.
    Some people immeditly will throw their chickens in the pen and let them battle it out.
    If you immeditly want them in the pen best is to put treats out to aviod lots of fighting.
    Free ranging chickens helps them as well.This works with young ones so they can run.
    Intergrating them at nights great!Waking in the morning thinking they were there already.

    I hope I helped!
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    There is corn mixed in my layer feed from the mill, it is crushed up, should I switch to something else.

    Thanks for the info.
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    Aug 26, 2014

    I have given all of these treats to my chickens besides the chocolate and sugar and they are perfectly fine with absolutely everything. They have never choked or had any problems.
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    Sep 27, 2014
    I'd switch.Everyday corns not good.
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    Corn is the often the base for most nutritionally balanced poultry feeds, there's nothing wrong with feeding corn in moderation...the OP is way off base on that.
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    I feed a small amount of cracked corn to my hens in the winter. The cracked corn takes longer to digest than regular feed so the act of digestion helps to keep them warm at night. I wouldn't say that corn is to be avoided completely, just don't give them to much at a time. If you look at the labels of most commercial layer feed the first ingredient is corn.
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    Sep 27, 2014
    Thanks for the INFO!

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