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    At 23 weeks, we now have about half of our girls laying. We have 8 NH reds and 4 are laying for sure. We get 3 or 4 eggs per day. All in the nesting boxes. It is still a thrill for us all to treck out to the coop, open the egg door and to see those lovely eggs awaiting us. My kids always say "Thank you chickens!" And my 3 year old has started taking each egg up to the fence and asking the hens "Did you lay this?" We love it!

    Our very first egg. Soft shelled and broken, but we were psyched!

    One of our first, small, intact eggs side by side with a store bought one.

    After we cracked open a few double yolkers. We have since gotten many more. Some so large they can't fit in the egg carton.

    A collection of our eggs as they were phasing out the store boughts. I love the variety in color, shape and size.

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    Eggs are really beautiful, all the shades and tones, very artistic.
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    I've finally got some of my pullets hatched on 4/27 that have started laying.


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