A few free bantam buff orpingtons in WA (sorry pullets now all taken)

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    Jul 9, 2008
    If you live kind of nearby (NW Washington) and want some, here's the scoop. I had to order streight run and there was also a minimum and I can't keep them all. They are 4 weeks old and I can maybe, kind of, sex them. In any case as they get bigger I am running out of room. I only intend to have a few (3-4) backyard hens so I am going to pick my favourites and get rid of the rest (most of them). First come, first served with big extra points and accelerated delivery if you want all 10-12. Otherwise since I live out on the islands I will deliver across the water from Bellingham are to Arlington area next time I take the ferry over to shop.
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