A few mixed longtails.


12 Years
Sep 14, 2007
Paulding County Georgia
I have a few surplus breeders that I am going to be letting go of soon.
One trio of nice BBred Phoenix, the rooster has a one copy of the "buttercup" gene. Some of his chicks will have it, some will not. The two hens that go with him are nice as well.
$350 for the trio
Post about him is here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=43416

Also, several hens of mixed ancestry, some longtail games, some longtail x game crosses, etc.
Also a few Phoenix x Denizli crossed pullets, and one rooster.
A few "fibro" longtail roosters...

These birds are $20 each

May be crossed with Yokohama, Sumatra, China Game, Phoenix, Denizli and/or Tomaru. Also a few will be a little over 1/4 Ceylon Junglefowl.
Email, send a PM here, or respond on this thread.
Eggs available from the breeders that I am not selling.

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