A few more house/pen questions


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Mar 5, 2009
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Thanks for all the ideas in my other posts. We still have a few details to work out.

We have unofficial permission for our suburban backyard ducks because there is no appeal process in place for us to challenge the current policy. For this reason we are planning to secure the ducks in a house at night for the benefit of neighbors as well as predators. They will have access to a secure pen when we are not at home and while we are home, they will have access to the entire yard. We need the structure/s to be as attractive as possible in order to avoid undue attention or complaints.

We side to a street that gets continuous travel during commuter hours so the house/run will be at the back of the property. Will the ducks be bothered by the street activity?

So far we are planning 4sq.ft/bird in the house and about 25 sq.ft/bird in the run. The house will be about 4 ft high. We still haven't heard any specifics about the opening dimensions except that wide is good for the morning stampede.

We will raise the house minimally for ventilation while maintaining easy access. We are planning to use a deep litter method but figure the access door needs to have a "lip" in order to contain the bedding build-up. How high can/should it be and still allow access for waddlers?

Thanks in advance for your wealth of knowledge.


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