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    My land-lady keeps 3 Barbados sheep. They wander and graze all over the whole acre, with the exception of my back yard. My chickens, on the other hand, range freely into HER back yard. I came home from the dentist and saw a lovely scene of about 10-12 chickens in her back yard, but they all came running to my car as I approached my parking spot in front of the house I rent. But a little bit later, I did get this shot of two senior hens (Rebecca and Buffy) dust-bathing, and Alex Sebright and Gilda EE near the sheep.


    Charlie Bantam Buff Brahma, Rhoda RIR, and Lola BlackCochin are enjoying the expanse of the land-lady's back yard.

    This next shot is a little fuzzy - the darned chickens MOVE! I just loved the colors in it, though. Clockwise, Greta BlackSexLink, Buffy the Vampire Slaying Orpington, Charlie Bantam Buff Brahma, Alex Sebright.

    CoopMates Delilah Delaware, Alice S. Sebright and Joy G. Sebright. (Gilda is the 4th in that coop, but she was sitting on a fence somewhere.)

    (Here's the four of them as they usually hang out together, on another occasion.)
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    They are so pretty! What kind are the smaller ones?
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    A Golden Sebright (Joy) and a Silver Sebright (Alice).
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    I'll bet your Delli lays huge eggs!

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