A few questions on Muscovys!

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    Dec 5, 2013
    Hi guys was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me here, Someone i know has offered me 2 male Muscovys because the rest of her flock was bullying them, i have a large garden of about a quarter acre, it is a long garden but not massively wide at near the bottom of the garden is a shallow creek that splits the garden in half it is about a meter in length and from 15 to 30cm deep in summer and can get deeper than that in the winter. I was hoping to have them free ranged and mostly self sufficient (i would obviously still feed them but most of there feed would come from our overground, weed filled garden.) If necessary i would build them some sort of shelter to protect them from foxes and other predators but if possible would they roost in the many trees that we have filling the garden? I have heard that drakes cant fly but would they be able to get as high as to roost in the trees? (i will attach a photo of the trees). also the creek does not have any barriers to stop it flowing straight into our other neighbors garden to our left and if they were to follow the river right then it would take them straight to a large pond full of mallards and other ducks (owned by a set of retirement homes. if they were able to fly then not far away is a nature reserve that has visitors everyday that feed the ducks and geese but i don't believe they could ever get there if they could not fly. i would not mind them going down to the small pond that has a few other ducks and moorhens as long as they would spend most of the time in our garden (they would not get fed by anyone at the other pond) if i was to block of the exits from the creek to other gardens would they fly over the fences or would it be better just to let them do as they please and hope they don't go live anywhere else?
    also if they were to got to the other pond every now and then would they damage any of the local wildlife e.g the mallards and the moorhens? (the garden continues a small amount beyond what you see in the picture.)

    [​IMG](this is a picture of the 2 Muscovys that the owner sent to me they are 9 months old)
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    I can pretty well guarantee you that if they are not confined in a safe place at night... they will become a snack for some critter.

    We had a drake that was just over a year old and he would fly.

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