A few surprises in the coop today

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    Here goes my first post...
    We have a buff orpington and black star that have been laying since fall, and two barred rocks that started laying this past week. It's the height of the cold season here and we have our first few inches of snow on the ground so I wasn't expecting much from our birds since the older two had almost stopped laying this winter.
    We've recently found a few surprises in the coop though:
    1. They've upped production drastically this week. Could the heat lamp we put in have something to do with that?
    2. One of our baby barred rocks is laying a pure white egg. Is that possible from a barred rock or might she be a different breed?
    3. We check daily for eggs and this evening my husband found 5 in the box. Was this probably a once in a lifetime thing or might one of our birds be prone to laying more often?


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    [​IMG] crazy chickens what will they do next.
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    Wow, interesting on the production level. It might not be the heat part of the heatlamp causing them to lay more, it might be the extra light it provides.

    It is possible to get a white egg from a brown egg laying breed, especially since hatcheries aren't known for their true-to-breed stock. Usually if you place it next to a pure white egg, you'll see that your egg is tinted rather than pure white. However, it could just mean that she's not pure bred (which circles back around to the hatchery problem). Any of them have white earlobes instead of red?

    I've gotten 2 eggs in a day from a hen, but she was really overproductive and made herself unhealthy with it. Hopefully this is just a pullet phase and whoever's laying the extra egg will outgrow it.

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