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    I have a small flock, nine in all. I have occasionally seen foxes over the years and when I have, I have kept the girls locked in their run. A few weeks ago I saw a fox run through the back of our yard and I have kept the girls in the run as a precaution. Today, I let them out to free range and he killed four of the five...two of which were my favorites.

    The thing that surprises me is that he fox killed all four in the middle of the day. We only have an acre and a half that we let the girls run on but one was killed in the back of the house, two on either side of the house and one about fifty yards away. He did it quickly and he did it without fear. I guess I learned something about how a fox hunts.

    While we live in the county and not a suburb, there are still houses around us. Fortunately we live under the counties laws and not the city laws. I can shoot and kill something if I feel that my property or my family are threatened. I have shot three raccoons and one hawk. I wish I had shot the fox.

    He killed four of my hens.... maybe he was going to take them all and hide them to eat later but his actions seemed more brutal and wasteful much like a wolf. I know personally that wolves kill for the joy of killing... they are wasteful killers. It sort of seems like this fox is the same.

    My run is secure, he will not get to the remaining five. But, the fox needs to be gone before they free range again. Hopefully I am smart enough to be able to trap it and get rid of it. Anyway.... I thought I would share because I did not realize that fox have no fear if they want to kill. If you see them, kill them or trap them but don't trust that they will stay away during the day. That was the mistake I made.
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    Fox are feeding kits right now, and they become especially brazen in their search for food. They will kill as many as possible and then take them back to their den for the kits. He will be back - be ready.
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    I'm having this problem now, few days ago bright red fox circling the coop and run trying to figure out how to get in, broad daylight. I had to chase it.
    Yesterday, lighter golden fox trying to get into coop. Had to chase it, was in no hurry to leave. It might be possible you had multiple foxes. They seem brazen and desperate :-( not good for our chix. Sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry about your lose...

    As said the predators have extra mouths to feed right now and they will increase their hunting times and take more chances...

    I had a coyote stalking my llamas and goats the other day at 3PM in full daylight... He/she was back today about 6PM, still lots of light left in the day... Today the coyote was so focused in a stare down with the llamas and trying to figure out how to jump the fence and get to the goats that I was able to walk clear across my pasture and get almost within pistol range before it took notice of me and even then it didn't actually run until I tossed some lead at it...

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