A-frame tractor headroom?

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  1. I'm building an A-frame tractor and I am wondering how much headroom I should have in my nestboxes and for the roost.

    I fear I may have taken the "put the roost as high as possible" advice a little too literally.

    Also how much horizontal clearance should the roost have?
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    Typically you'll want 18 inches of headroom for roosts. But you'll need to make sure they have room from the side (or front, depending on where you placed them) to hop up there. In nest boxes I would think you could get by with 12 -14 inches. Yeah, those A frames are simple to build, but not the most functional with indoor space.

    I would think the horizontal clearance would partly depend on how high the roost is. Can they just hop up there, or will they need their wings a little??
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    Sep 3, 2009
    We have an A-frame with 20 inches of headroom above the perch.
    The perch is mounted just 2 inches off the floor and is centered in the roosting area - see photo.
    Our hens seem to do well with this design and space.

    Our coop is from Handcrafted Coops - http://HandcraftedCoops.com


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