A-Frames for Broody Hens?

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    I am in the middle of the run expansion on the new coop and was thinking that maybe with the left overs I could build a little mini-coop for a broody hen. I never likes A-Frames because there doesn't seem to be much space for birds to move around but I think for a broody hen, or hen with chicks it would work just fine. It could also double as a quarantine coop too maybe, or i could just make two if there's enough leftovers! [​IMG]

    Does anyone have any ideas or pictures of small a-frame coops that could be or are used for broody hens?
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    I don't have anything on an A-frame, but I'll mention a couple of things to consider. I do think an A-frame will work out well for what you are talking about, whether that is just isolating her while on the eggs or to actually raising the chicks some after they hatch.

    Make sure the chicks cannot escape. If the chicks can get through the wire, they are at the mercy of the rest of the flock and Mama cannot protect them. Trust me, you don't want that.

    Mama needs a dry place for the eggs and to take the chicks if it rains. Consider floods from hard rains at night. Most of the floor being bare ground should be OK but a raised area that will not get wet is important.

    It does need to be predator proof.

    Some kind of shade is important. She is trapped in a small area. Don't cook her, even in the Pacific Northwest.

    If all you are using it for is for a broody to set on eggs, it does not have to be very big. If you want to use it for a grow out pen or such, it needs to be bigger. I put a gate and fence across my run so I could isolate a section of the run for my "extra" place to keep chickens. I don't know what your set-up looks like or how you plan to use it, but something like that might give you more flexibility.

    Good luck! I think you are wise to plan ahead fro this.
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    The run I am building now is 30ft x 10ft. It will have a 3ft board fence on the bottom and 4ft of wire on the top. I decided to do the fencing on the bottom so the birds would have some shade & it could double as a windbreak later in the year. The only predators we have up by the coop is Racoons but I am hoping to add a hotwire to the top of the fenced part before winter gets here, they aren't a problem right now. I should also have enough leftover wire to skirt the coop a little.

    The a-frames MIGHT go inside the run, but I am not sure yet, I may just make a different area for them. I only plan on keeping momma & babies in the mini-coop until they're a few weeks old and them letting them out in the main coop. They should be quick enough by then to get away from anyone that wants to be mean.

    I am SURE I have enough scraps and stuff to make a raised floor for at least the nesting box area. Chicks should be able to get up a small/short ramp, right?

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