A Frizzled what? and unsure genders


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Good morning everyone.

I am really unsure what breeds my chickens are, I've been guessing and guessing and i just don't know for sure. They are a mix of things i think, as i can't find any similar pictures to compare them to. Also as they are about 4 months old - I'm hoping that someone could tell if they are boy or girl. I see that people get help on here because you guys are so helpful!

The left one is Xena and the frizzled one is called Hercules Macgyver (as in the TV shows ^.^)


Hercules Macgyver:

Its hard because they don't stay still! Took like 20+ pics and only 9 are not blurrylol But the pics are from today.

Any help greatly appreciated xXx Jodes
That is what i have been guessing lately. Thank you for your help.

Do they have some Cochin in them too?
She might, she might be a silkie/ cochin mix with something else. Most first time silkie crosses have darker skin and some what part of a crest, but not all first crosses will. I have one that came off single comb and yellow legged with no extra toes and no crest what so ever, but she does have feathered shanks. Their both really cute and I love her color.
...thought silkie mixes all had black skin? I was thinking more faverolle x cochin...but that frizzle sure does have a lot of silkie features. Maybe it is a second gen silkie mix?
They both look to me like frizzle Cochin/Silkie crosses. The pullet just ended up with smooth feathers rather than frizzled feathers. You will end up with odd combs when you mix different types (such as walnut x single). Cute pair. Great potential for some nice Sizzles down the line.
i was thinking more of a brahma x silkie mixes with how feathered their legs are. i have yet to see a silkie mixed with a non feathered leg chicken with that many feathers on the legs but there is always time for a first. also they remind me of my light braham outside in body shape
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