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I'm not s'pose to talk about DH's biz, but to me this is pretty funny and I wanted to share.

Twenty-nine years ago, when DH first started policing, one of his very first foot chases was after a guy known to all in town as Redbone.

Tonight I called DH at work but he said he was going to have to call me back, he was getting set to serve a warrant. Of course I worry, but he tells me not to.

He calls me back like 10 minutes later. Me: That was fast! Then he explains.

He had to serve a warrant on Redbone. He goes up to Redbone's house, knocks, Redbone answers.

DH says "Red, I'm getting too old to chase you." Red says "And I'm getting too old to run. Let's go get this over with."

Cops and Bad Guys, senior style.
This is one good reason to be old I guess.

It's also nice that dear old Red is slowing down too, just a shame that he hasn't gotten any smarter in all these years.
that is funny!!!

I work at a sandwhich shop in town, and today on the highway I was going 103km/hr in a 90km/hr zone...a cop in a big black SUV passed me going int he other direction but kept on going. anyhow at lunch time he walks in with his partner and his Boss and while paying he looks at me and says...didn't I pass you today at 1230 speeding down the highway, he had a smirk on his face and I of course said...Yep that was me, I had to rush in to make sure we had food to serve you your lunch, your boss called me and told me you would be coming in. He laughed and his boss laughed too and I got a 3 dollar tip for a 5 dollar sandwhich.

Its a tiny town and this guy is new, but I like how he recognized me.
When I was a teenager and learning to drive, I was driving to the store with my mother and I rolled through a stop sign. My mother started to fuss and I made the smart A** comment "I totally paused!" Well that set my mother off and she started chewing me out and the moment she said "What if a cop saw that?" the blue lights came on behind me.
We pulled over and the officer walked up with mom chewing me out and he asked "Do you know what you did wrong?" and I said "Yes my mother is letting me know a lot!" and he leaned in looked at my mother looked at me then started laughing and said "Well looks like your in enough trouble." he gave me a warning and let me go.
I never rolled through a stop sign again

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