A funny story written by me and my little brother titled: Knights...

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    There was once a Knight named Bob who lived in a castle with the King, Larry and Queen, Georgina. At this particular moment, Bob is in his room putting on armor, a task that requires at least three squires, or knights in training, to help him. Three is a lot you say? Well, not really, since there are almost 50 lbs. of armor to put on. First, he must put on a thick shirt so that the chain mail won’t rub through. What is chain mail you ask? Well it is made of little circles of metal linked together to make a kind of mesh. Then he puts on a breastplate, shoulder plates, and arm plates. Then to finish his “dashing” outfit he puts on heavy metal boots and he is ready. Now all of this took very little time to explain, but in reality it takes over an hour to put on armor.
    Walking out of his room, Bob picks up his helmet and walks to the stable. His horse, Retreat is saddled and in his armor too. There is yet another squire holding onto the horse’s reigns. Bob comes over and swings (as best as he can) into the saddle. The squire hands him the reigns, and Bob and Retreat trot out of the stable to see hundreds of foot soldiers and a few mounted knights. Bob steers Retreat over to where the King sits on a black stallion talking to a few men. “The Gegites have come into our northern territory. We will meet them head on in, Cremeamim.”
    “King Larry!” Bob said as he approached the King.
    “Ah, Bob. I would like you to go to your station. We will be leaving in five minutes.”
    “Yes your majesty.” Bob turned Retreat around and galloped to his station. He was in charge of a hundred foot soldiers. As he rode to the head of his station, a trumpet sounded. A long clear blast. Retreat shivered and Bob patted his neck to steady him. Bob rode a few feet ahead of the foot soldiers and signaled for them to follow. When the soldiers started walking, thy made a noise that startles Retreat. Retreat’s jumpy behavior was worrying Bob. He was afraid Retreat might throw him in battle. It was bad for a mounted soldier to fight on foot because the armor was so heavy it weighed them down… After riding a few hours Bob could see in the distance a sea of black which was, the Gegite army…


    Bob showed great bravery in battle. In return the King gave him much land, many animals and the princess to marry. Bob was happy, and he lived happily ever after… Retreat however, was not so fortunate. After throwing three Kings, 27 knights, and 124-foot soldiers he eventually became a plow horse.

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    [​IMG] I like it.
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