A genetics question - Araucana Roo over Wheaten Marans Hens

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    While I am waiting for a French Wheaten Marans Roo to mature, I have left a Lavender Araucana Rooster in with my French Wheaten Marans hens. As some of my other hens have gone broody I have given them some of the Marans eggs to hatch. The first lot of chicks all look the same except one. 5 are dark brown, like a young Marans roo, and 1 is a light brown/grey colour. All have the Araucana type comb, and most if not all have feathered legs. I'm just wondering if the difference in feather colour on these chicks could be an indication of their sex? I would be interested to hear anyone's opinion and maybe guess as to which colour belongs to which sex. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. I'm not sure you'd get sexlink traits out of that cross. Lavender's recessive so I doubt you'll get any lavender chicks - and chick fluff doesn't always match up to adult color.

    Do you know what colors the Araucuna's parents were?

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