A good egg or not?

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    Hi gang! A couple of questions regarding egg care and changing appearances. Reading up on some of the articles and videos in regards to egg care has brought forth many inner discussions with friends and relatives on their own personal habits of caring for eggs. First off, the question has risen on whether or not to wash a freshly hatched egg or even a store bought egg. The answer I got was not to wash an egg until you are ready to use it. The reason being that there is an antibacterial coating or film on the outside of the egg that prevents bacteria from entering the egg. Generally my eggs are clean of fecies when gathered. Occaisionally some get washed if they appear dirty or soiled.
    I refrigerate my eggs because they either are or have possibly been fertilized by our rooster. I understand this stops the fertilization proceess if they have been fertilized. Some people leave their eggs in a basket or such and do not refrigerate them stating that they stay fresher and will last longer than refrigerated eggs. I havent found any data to prove this true although it may well be a fact.
    The main reason I am writing this is because I find that the outer shell of a few refrigerated eggs change while being refrigerated. I might best discribe it as discoloration or aging like a fruit that has been sitting in there too long. Generally this happens in about 2 weeks or less or more. I wonder if this is because I didnt wash them before refrigerating and there "is" some bateria on them that is causing this? This brings a bit of alarm to me when thinking about salmonella and other bacterial problems we might ingest. Ant insight on egg storage and proper guidelines would much be appreciated. Waiting for your response. Might be a good post for the home page forum!
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    My chickens' eggs show the effects of exposure to either light or air or both. Sometimes I take one from the carton where I keep them; and it has a light and dark region consistent with how it sits in the carton. I don't know if these were collected right after having been laid so that any stabilization of color has not yet occurred or some other factor comes into play.

    I have not checked to see if the color will become uniform when the egg is left out exposed to light. It did not seem to be important. They just go in with the others.


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