A Goose Receives Chemotherapy

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  1. This article ran in the Boston Globe today, it's about the extent to which people will provide medial treatment for their pets. I'm pretty sure I’d never do this even if I did have the money, although when I was job hunting earlier this year I did interview with one Fortune 500 company that actually offered pet medical insurance to employees. That's still a pretty rare benefit, but evidently things are changing.

    The owner of the goose bought him at a feed store for $8 and he's spent, well - a lot of money on his pet's cancer treatment: $20,000.

    Still, it's a good article, and well written:

    How Far Should We Go to Save Our Pets?

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    * Whoa! Golden goose! (Ed: Phyllis, I got a msg. saying "This webpage contains no visible content" when I tried the link. 3 tries at it. [​IMG] )
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    I just saw this on the news hes a pretty duck and a lucky duck too his owner has already spent $20,000 on him. Do you think he lays golden eggs [​IMG].

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