A great day for all of us exsept the owner's

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  1. Wow that's just Crazy! one time my sister coulden't sleep and she herd Brooster rooster crowing at 3:00 in the morning! she went to see witha gun and therewas a cat on top of Sunshine! She yelled HEY! and the cat ran into the wall.it was dazzed and so wasen't moving. so she pumped it 20 time's and she shot it in the butt![​IMG] and it ran out and ran into a piece of a Wood.hannah shot it again it ran into the Feild and disapeared. hannah was Trimbaling. She told the owner's they sead to bad I say well to bad for them we are going to shoot it and feed it to the dog's and bring the owner's the owner's the Remane's[​IMG]

  2. Mike Winters

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    Nov 13, 2011
    nice why would you tell the owners you shot their cat though. if they asked you just tell them you seen a coyote a couple times

    blaming the coyote for the sound of the guns shots,hurt chicken and missing cat.
  3. Oop's I meant a BeebeeGun sorry! and good point![​IMG]I hate Cat's![​IMG]

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