A happy ending

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  1. A few of you may remember a few weeks ago I posted with a chick emergency.
    My little darling was hatched a day early and had her yolk sac still attached to her navel. With help from the member of this site my little chick survived and is now happily parading around my house.
    His siblings, (two muscovy ducklings) hatched a few days ago, one had pipped but hadn't moved in 6 hours, the membrane wasn't punctured, searching on this site I was able to assist the hatch of a beautiful bouncing duckling.
    And after giving them water and food and watching them for a night, their mother took them back.
    Thank you all for being so helpful, and assisting me in my time of need. You've really helped me and now my neighbor kids will get the ducklings that they wanted.
    Here is our poster child now!
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    Now, that is some high "Awww" factor!
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    I agree, WOW! I love this story. [​IMG] What precious pictures too! Congrats on the good outcome. Aren't folks on BYC great?! Enjoy!!!

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