A happy midpoint to a sad story, Buddy's saga, + photo


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Mar 5, 2009
Humboldt County
Our town has a (fairly disturbed) guy who had a black chow-mix dog named "Mister Nobody". He walked this dog around town every day. One day, a couple years ago, another local bum attacked the guy, so the dog bit him (I'll call the bitee '"Big Bob" and the dog's owner "Jack"). Well, Big Bob pressed charges, and the dog was quarentined for 2 weeks, then released back to Jack on the condition he keeps the dog muzzled in public. This did not deter Jack from walking around town every day, rain or shine, hot or not. Mind you, Mister Nobody is muzzled all day, and on a choke chain plus a harness, w/out water or the ability to pant
. Needless to say, most people are pretty disturbed by this, but when confronted, or if someone offers the dog water, Jack YELLS and RANTS about how the government/cops etc are forcing him to treat his dog this way and to mind their own business. I've even taken to crossing the street when I see Jack and Nobody so I don't get into trouble (I tend to speak my mind when I see abuse). Well, last Friday I was walking to my car when I saw the pair on the opposite street corner, so I hung a sharp right to avoid them. I'm halfway across the street to my car when I hear Jack (who had to boogie to catch up with me) say "Hey, can I talk to you?". I'm thinking ok, here we go. I come back to the sidewalk and say hi to Jack, and reach down, saying "Hi Nobody" to pat the dog. Immediately, Jack whips the dog behind him, yelling, "See? That's what happens! Everyone wants to pet my dog! (expletives deleted) I'm sick of this!" He proceeds to remove the harness, and puts Nobody's leash in my hand, and says, "Here! You want him? Take him! But know this...He's a known biter! Now YOU deal with it! I'm sick of this!" (Again, many expletives deleted).
I stand there, dumbfounded, holding the leash, watching Jack turn the corner and disappear.
I then remove the muzzle, exposing a deeply scarred and bloody nose where the muzzle had been. I see the scar tissue and calloused skin on his neck where the choke chain was on his neck. We get in my car, where "Buddy" (I renamed him and I hadn't had him for 2 minutes!) proceeds to tear apart his hindquarters due to an insane and bloody flea infestation. He bit at himself all the way to the police station (all the cops know the situation with Jack, and they get calls every week about Buddy being muzzled, esp. when it's hot), and all the way home (15 miles).
My daughter and I gave him a soothing bath right away (he STUNK!), and Advantage, and put Animax ointment on his raw skin. We also have the E-collar so he can't bite himself raw when unattended.
He's adjusting to people exhibitting "normal" behavior (not randomly hitting/pulling/shouting), and gets along with our dogs (6!) OK. He's been on long walks, where he can pant and sniff and just be a dog. I think he's in shock! Oh yea, he can drink water whenever he's thirsty, and gets 2 meals/day. He's pretty underweight, but that's temporary.
Stay tuned for part 2.....
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Holy Hannah!

First of all....what a good soul you are! Bless you for your kindness.

Can I share one concern that I have? I am thinking that the doggy owner may possibly have a mental illness and at some point, may rethink his decision and want doggy back.

Not trying to stir up anything or make you worry, I just think it is a real possibility.

In which case, you may consider letting animal control know that you now have the dog. I am thinking that they must have a file on the furry fellow since he is ordered to be muzzled. If he is considered a 'dangerous dog', you might want to look into the liabilities that you have just inherited.

Contacting AC will also give you some claim to this poor dog. It sounds like his old owner may not have the financial ability to care for him in the way that you have been able to.

We have a fellow here in our community who is homeless and has a gorgeous German Sheperd (spelling?). I think a local vet donates care and vacs for him and someone at AC helps with food. This dog looks better than most people's pets who have homes. There are resources for homeless with pets but the person has to be willing to accept on behalf of the pet and it doesnt sound like this guy is able to do that.

PLease keep us in the info loop on his progress.

to you!
I am so sorry the dog was in poor condition, Ia m sure this fellow didnt have a clue how to take care of the animal. its so sad when an animal has to suffer because of lack of education, and if this person had an unstable mind, the authorities should have stepped in way before this, I can not for the life of me understand if the AC had complaints WHY? didnt they intervene long ago?
Goodness the poor dog could have had a life of less suffering had AC done their job and if the courts had only bothered to explain to this owner what they really meant.
I bet dollars to donuts he understood it as the dog had to be muzzled 24/7.
Good of you to take the dog in , are you planning on giving him a forever home?
My stupid camera broke, and I don't have a cell phone w/that capability

Just picture a solid black dog, but for a little silvering at the tip of his muzzle (he's about 7 yrs old). He's a chow mix (+ McNab(?), with black spots on his tongue, about 35 lbs (he's underweight). His fur is more lab-ish than chow-ish, and his tail curls upward, but not tightly. His ears stick up (now that the yeast infection is under control - the muzzle he wore was very tight, constricting his ears), and bend foreward about 2/3 up from his head. And now he smiles
Buddy's been neutered and his health is vastly improved. A local rescue organization paid for the surgery, pre-op bloodwork (because of his age), vaccines, and the vet threw in a free teeth cleaning! Apparently, A LOT of people have been concerned for Buddy's welfare over the last few years. He's now flea-free, and the scar on his nose from the muzzle, while may never grow hair again, is just a scar, no longer scabby and sore

It seems the guy has been going around town telling his sad story about some girl (me) who won't give him back his dog! The rescue organization's leader is shocked, to say the least. She wants me to tell Buddy's story and do an interview in our local paper.....
Buddy's behavior has blossomed, now that he can run free in our 2 acre yard. He's learning to play, and occasionally just breaks out into a loud BARK! with a big smile on his face - it's really cute! Unfortunately, he is quite rude and aggressive with my GP, so I have to keep them physically separated. Buddy gets along well with my other dogs, and completely ignores the barnyard fowl

I'll post a pic asap, along with updates.

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