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    Sep 6, 2015
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    I have decided that it is IMPOSSIBLE to try to figure chickens out! They are a mystery sometimes! So here's the problem: My seven RIR hens, 18 months old, have not been laying well since winter was over. Maybe one or two eggs a day They layed great with a little artificial light assistance over the winter, new chicken coup in the spring, stopped laying almost completely. I know, stressed, right? I gave it some time, locked them in on a couple cool days, they had no problem roosting in there, but no eggs!I have tried everything. Got rid of some young roosters when I thought they were too mean, segregated out my GOOD rooster when I thought he was keeping them too busy, attached a small run and confined them to that and the henhouse (normally they are free range, but I thought they may be hiding eggs in field), put lots of straw in nesting boxes (which they promptly pushed out), put golf balls in nests. And I just found a big clutch of eggs in another shed today from a week ago before I "locked" them back down to try that again now that the weather is cool, so I know they CAN lay. Yeah, I know, now the problem is probably that they are molting, there are lots of feathers, but does anyone know what else could have been the problem earlier? I have nine 5 monthers who I do not want to have the same issue with when they start laying! Please help!
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    I think it's stress chickens don't really like new things so maybe that's why they won't lay.
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    Some chickens are just poor and sporadic layers, some of mine lay like ten eggs than don't lay again for months. If you are keeping chickens because of eggs get reliable egg laying breeds, breeds like RIR are dual purpose and some are bred more for looks than egg laying.

    Chickens also stop and start laying for all kinds of reasons like weather, stress, illness, or a move. And of course now most hens are molting so they stop laying and won't resume for months.

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