A Heart Breaking Story!

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  1. These Hundreds of Hens Were Abused Here is Their Story:
    I am a supporter of Farm Sanctuary, today I was looking on their website. I found a heart breaking story about hundreds of hens who have been mistreated. So I will try to retell the story in my own words. Farm Sanctuary had been planning this rescue since the beginning of August. 1 donor donated enough money to make the rescue happen! 13 staff members went to the airport and got to the egg factory, where hundreds of spent hens were going to soon be gassed. (a spent hen is a hen over 2 yrs who lays less than before) So they put the poor hens in cages and they put them on a cargo plane. They were relieved to find that the hens survived the trip. They brought them to the sanctuary in Northern CA and made sure they were all healthy. They sent some of the healthy ones to different animal sanctuaries. After most of the hens were sent away (the ones that were in a condition to survive a trip) Farm Sanctuary was left with 200 hens. They have been testing the hens for mites, trimming there nails which grew so long from being stuck in small battery cages. I am just so happy these hens get a 2nd chance to live! I can't believe they were just gonna gas them! To read the original report here is the link to Farm Sanctuary's website: www.farmsanctuary.org
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    Kudos to you & the sanctuary! Unfortunately, we live in a 'throw-away' society - goods, livestock, even kids (human ones). I'm not sure where this attitude came from, but it's prevalent throughout all levels of society.
    We all need to gently educate people on things like this so they become more aware and hopefully, a bit more caring, Sue
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  4. Oh btw these hens are up for adoption :)
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    I've heard about this too. Good for you helping them out! I love to hear about people helping out defenseless animals. Bless you all. [​IMG]
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    I sort of understand why a huge egg producer would want only the top producing hens...but why gas them?? It's not their fault they aren't laying as many.

    Why not sell them to locals who want eggs? Or even for meat? They're still valuable creatures.

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