A helpful suggestion for folks ordering poultry by mail in the USA.

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Storming Alaska

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Jun 2, 2020
Hello :jumpy,
I wanted to share a rather helpful suggestion for folks ordering poultry by mail in the USA. First, I live in Palmer, Alaska. At the beginning of the year I signed up for “Informed Delivery” through the USPS. It‘s a 100% FREE service. The hatchery that I order from, (Welp Hatchery in Iowa), does not provide tracking information. They just provide a hatch date & state that chicks are shipped the same day hatched, which you can expect to get them in a couple days. This year the “Informed Delivery” service allowed me to be proactive, instead of reactive in dealing with delays=dehydrated/dead chicks. By signing up for Informed Delivery, ANY tracking number generated to your mailing address will show up under packages. You receive an email daily of what is to be expected for delivery to your mailing address that day of mail & packages. You will know what time of day your birds left and which route they took. If there happens to be delays, it is very helpful to have/know the direct number to the post master of your local post office in order to head off a possible problem or disaster. Sometimes things happen and a series of unfortunate events unfolds... It’s nice to have the opportunity to be proactive. Hope someone out there has found this information helpful.

:thumbsup Below is the link to sign up for Informed Delivery:

Have a clucky day!🐥
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Dec 18, 2018
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This is only relevant to US/Canada People. Perhaps you should state that in your Title. :) Different countries, different rules.

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