A hen who cant hold herself up

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    I have a 2 yo old hen going thru a molt that I'm watching this morning drops herself on her butt. She walks, eats readily with treats thrown to her, but every ten seconds or so, she's dropping to the ground then standing back up. Its not a 'submissive to a rooster' thing. This is something wrong. What could it be? Everything else appears normal. She's on a grower feed for the added protein, same as the others and theyre fine. thanks for any direction.
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    If shes egg bound we have a problem because she has pin feathers all over the place around her vent
  3. Possibly why she keeps sitting down....?
    She is sore as the new feathers grow in.....

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    I don't think so. its not like shes avoiding sitting down. its like her legs are coming out from under her. I don't think I feel an egg. and I shouldn't,but... I grabbed another hen who I know isn't laying and I think they feel the same. Before I was able to get my hands on that other hen, I have this one in a dog crate and she got herself a nice vegetable oil enema with a turkey baster. I happened to bought several of the soon to be OffTC antibiotics so if I need any... I just hope she doesn't wind up on the wrong end of the shotgun. Idk if shes contagious or what the problem is. She was getting worse before I violated her with the baster
  5. Yikes!!
    Glad I was not the hen....lol

    Not sure what your dealing with? Way to hard to guess.........

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    Well theres no egg for sure. She pooped so her vent it clear. I don't see any mites or lice (which would've been quite the surprise). She's been in a crate all day. She's not doing well. I wish someone could help. I really have no idea. I don't want her to see the wrong end of a shotgun in fear shes contagious
  7. If it contagious? It is in the flock already......Spreads fast......
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    I would not give any more enemas, since the cloaca contains both the openings for the large intestine and the oviduct. Bacteria can be introduced and work it's way up the oviduct to cause infection which can lead to egg yolk peritonits. That could be a problem already, since that and internal laying can cause wanting to sit or problems walking, waddling, or other problems. Make sure she is drinking enough fluids, and I would also recommend adding some vitamins and electrolytes to her water. A vitamin deficiency or dehydration can cause lameness sometimes. Let us know if she starts improving.
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    Thanks Eggcessive. No more enemas. I'll try to watch her intake and add some electrolytes. I have no chicken vitamins but she shouldn't have any sort of deficiency. They get good feed. She drops her tail a lot and goes down. then stands back up. That was today anyhow. She was easily going after treats thrown to her. Something is definitely up tho
    Thanks again. I'll op in with an update tomorrow
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