A heroing tale of a girl and her chick.....


9 Years
May 2, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
So here I was sitting in the chair in the living room
and my little Chickpea was laying on the floor very comfortable and happy, preening away, as she loves to do in the evening. Happy chirps as I am talking to her
. Good night. All of the sudden she starts making this weird sound... Kind of like a low girgle, but a growl...

I thought something was wrong
I've never heard her make this sound before. I look over at her and she's staring intently at some object I can't see.. Maybe chickens are like dogs, and can see ghosts? She continues on with her weird growling sound, but she hasn't gotten up, and is still just laying there. I thought she was in distress, so I got down on the floor, and she stands up. But her eyes are locked in on this thing, like a mean scowl, she never looks at me this way. I give her food, she "loves" me, lol.

Well I start scanning the room at her eye level to try and see what's going on. She obviously is very upset that something is in her space. Well I back up on my knees a little, and BAM! Out of no where! This GIANT... FLYING... BROWN... UGLY... DIGUSTING... TWO INCH... FLYING... ROACH!!!!! FLYING!!! Right at me!!!!

So I do the only thing I can think of.... Leave my poor little chicken inside to battle this thing and book it outside as fast as I can
Well, after a good minute or so, standing shoeless on the porch and realizing my phone is in the house as well so I can call wake up my mother for some moral support in my time of need I realized I had to go back in... So I soldiered on and ran up stairs to get my lame little fly swatter that doesn't even compare to this creature... And decided to call a friend instead of waking my mother

I told him my dillema.. And he says, "Why don't you put your chicken by it and see if she'll kill it?" Well I'm certain if Chickpea was going to kill it she'd had already done so.. She's standing on the opposite end of the room looking at me like, "Mom, why is that still there? Gross" What a great feather child. I need to teach her to battle these things and win.

Well finally suggests that I get a glass or a jar and trap it? Why didn't I think of that?!?! So I go get the only mason jar I know I have in the kitchen and come back to the living room. It's GONE!!!!
I have NO idea where this gross little creature has gone
Except in my house
After a good minute or so of looking I find it again... It took me a good minute or so to get close enough to it, but I did it!! I captured the beast!!
However I am now afraid to open the jar for fear that it some straight into face, so it's now got a home on the kitchen counter, I think I'll take the jar out to the garden so it can look at my weeds for it's final couple weeks, and then I'll give to the worms in the compost...

Moral of the story? I need to stop being such a girl about huge giant bugs when my beautiful husband isn't home... And teach Chickpea to be a killer...

I know, I know, I've already had a post about roaches before, and I live in Hawaii so I just need to take in the beauty and deal with a gross bug here and there. I'm not complaining this time.. Really.. Just recounting a tale of heroism

Here she is relaxing on the couch after such an ordeal

And who is calling who a chicken?

Seriously, a lady's got to do what a lady's got to do!
That's right. Tell Chickpea to put her big girl panties on and go get them bugs!!! Oh, wait....chickens don't wear panties. Get her a hen saddle; she'll feel manly and brave with that on.
Well here is a pic of the beast I just took a few moments ago. Juding from the sounds I heard that little chicken make last night I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want it as a friend.. I never knew a chicken could growl... And Perhaps I'll look into an armored chain-male (sp?) hen saddle and a helmet, lol.


I would have screamed with that too!

I do have one question, how do you keep Chickpea from pooping all over stuff in the house. Would love to have some baby chicks in the house when we start getting eggs.
I would have screamed, fainted, and landed on the floor with a thud.
I don't blame you, that thing is so big it could have it's own zipcode! And the thought that it flies...ugh
The normal roaches I can handle. Of course I try to do everything in my power to keep them out.. But they are everywhere, I usuallt just grab my husband's boot and give it a good squash, and they aren't as big as the flying ones... This is the first flying one to enter the house, though, so I of course taken aback...

Chickpea wears a diaper most of the time... I try not sound like a crazy cat lady, er, chicken lady... But yea, she's my one and only love, well... DH too, but when he's gone, as he often is she keeps me company. I want to get another one to keep her company but I'm not supposed to have this one as it is... We're thinking of getting a rabbit, though, so I would hope they would get along.

The lady at the hatchery was telling me about one of her neighbors having a chicken and rabbit, and they got along great. When she got up in the morning fed them and then let out to "free range" in the neighbor hood all day they'd be out and at dusk they would come back home for more food and safe place to sleep. Well, I can't do that, my friendly samoan neighbors have already offered to take her off my hands and have a good meal of fried chicken...
Jokingly, I hope....

But yea, she wears a diaper most of the time inside, and if I do see any little poo's I vacuum them up and I'm working on cleaning the carpets extra good this week, just in case.. I got some woolite-deep clean, and pet-odor baking soda to sprinkle too. My husband comes home soon, yay!!

I just don't want to give him anything to complain about since he's been gone for two months and I have a chicken in the house...

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