A hoop tractor? or a chicken corral?

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    I need an inexpensive, predator proof, LARGE tractor or corral that I can move around on my 2nd fenced lot and let the chickens eat the grass and hunt the bugs, and if I go on vacation I can let a neighbor have a key to the gate lock to collect eggs.

    I got heavy guage 5 ft high 2x4 fencing to put around my run when my daughter's dog came to visit. I think it came in a 50 ft roll. That would make about a 15 ft diameter corral that could be moved around, but I would still need a coop of sorts, nest boxes that were accessible without letting the chickens loose. I hear that chickens eat bees, and I will have more bees within a few months.

    I saw a hoop tractor design on here, looks harder to build, but 2x6 or 2x8 sides lag bolted together, with wheels so I could pull it, but then again, I don't have a tractor to pull it with.

    Any suggestions anyone? This is summer housing for chickens probably, when I need to have someone else collect eggs, or when the grasshoppers get out of hand. Don't need the full heavy winterized hen house, just a place to keep them safe, and I will have to use chickenwire for a roof over the whole run, I do have hawks. I need to keep costs down. have to have outside accessible nestboxes and feed station too.

    Gypsi (what happened to the scratching head smilie?I miss it.)
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    This is of course in the event I can ever afford to travel again...

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