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    [COLOR=333333]Pawsteps echoed eerily like falling icicles as two massive wolves raced from opposite territories up to an open hollow where the moon shed its cold light on every full moon, and therefore making it neutral for a few hundred precious heartbeats. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]The great she-wolf's flame-orange eyes flashed with deadly menace as she rose up out of the shadows like a gray mist. She had left her entire pack behind this moon-meeting and for a very valid reason. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Her antagonizer, an enormous black male, stared her down from a few dog-lengths away, contemplating whether he should waste his breath on an attack or not on the pitiful she-wolf.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Neither moved, letting their motionlessness unnerve the other.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Finally the silver she-wolf growled in a dark monotone, "This isn't the end of this, Dark Storm. This isn't the end!"[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]She abruptly spun on her heels, silently daring him to chase her in her own territory, and bolted into the forest, roaring with rage. She became an unrecognizable shadow, slipping innocently through the thick expanse of trees. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Her parting, vow-ful snarls rose up and bloomed into a spine-chilling howl of promise.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]"River Pack will have its revenge!" [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]For many moons, River Pack, Storm Pack, Rip Pack, and Canyon Pack have lived in wary harmony, save for the occasional border skirmish or prey-stealing. But now a great darkness has come. Storm Pack is now lead by the malice-wolf Dark Storm, hated brother of River Pack's great Alpha, Midnight. The black wolf is bent on revenge for all of the packs and will do anything to get it. Rip Pack, a rag-tag loose pack of coyotes, is launching numerous attacks on both Canyon Pack and River Pack. And now all of the packs are hopelessly feuding. Can five young canines unite them all unanimously during a time of great danger for every single pack dog? Fate is about to change these young dogs' lives forever, sweeping towards them an undercurrent of inexhaustible trials, turmoil, and an ultimate test that will not only determine their own destinies, but also the lives of generations of dogs to come rests only on[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333][COLOR=000080]A Howl will strike at Midnight when the torrentous Storm rages above. The Winter storm will drive the Storm of darkness away, and a rising Star will light the fading Dark, but the burning Flame will ignite upon the River Birch and together, with rising Ash, they will obliterate all- and will finally descend on the Sky of Reign.[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    Within each pack, there is ONE full-furred leader. They eat first and have the complete pick of the Prey Pile; no other dog eats until the Alpha has stripped all meat from the bones. They give all orders to patrol, hunt, attack, and retreat. They hold pack meetings periodically and hold the sole right to call the pack together at any time. Usually they have a den that they share with the Beta that is more ornate and much, much larger than any other den. An Alpha performs all rituals- including the initiation of all brand-new hunters, begins the Star Howl, initiates elders, picks packtors for each pup, and more. Once becoming either Alpha OR Beta, the dog's/wolf 's hunter name is completely disregarded and the new leader will forever be addressed as 'Alpha'. Before becoming an Alpha, a Beta must either succeed the current Alpha or challenge them to a fight- and if the Beta wins, the former Alpha MAY be allowed to only be demoted to a hunter, but, in most cases, the Alpha is permanently banned from all packs.

    The Beta is Alpha's second-in-charge. He/she has all the Same priviledges as Alpha, only he/she must OBEY their Alpha's orders and never contradict them. Usually mates with the Alpha if opposite genders- but there can be a male Alpha and a male Beta if the Alpha wishes. Also, if the Beta already has a mate upon his/her initiation into a Beta, it is fine for them to remain mates. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN FOR A BETA/ALPHA, IF HE/SHE IS ALREADY A BETA/ALPHA, TO TAKE A HUNTER MATE IF HIS/HER ALPHA/BETA IS OPEN FOR A MATE!!! Such actions could result in immediate demotion. When an Alpha is first initiated, he/she may CHOOSE their Beta of choice. If it so happpens that that first Beta either dies or retires, two hunters have the opportunity to fight it out for the rank- THE ALPHA NEVER CHOOSES HIS/HER BETA A SECOND TIME! It is considered an immense honor to be packtored by a Beta and the Beta only picks a pup he/she knows has a great destiny. A Beta is always adressed 'Beta', no matter his/her hunter name.

    There is one healer per pack. This dog has to have been trained by the former healer for at least 10 moons. A healer takes on ONE apprentice pup AFTER it has gone through its full hunter Training and has received its hunter name. Only once the old healer dies,is the apprentice considered the healer. The healer learns all of the healing herbs by heart- refer to ' HEALING HERBS' below. He/she should be very gentle and compassionate with other dogs and the healer often ends up being the peace advocate between packs. The healer communes closely with its ancestors and the star-dogs. It is suggested that the healer doesn't take a mate because it is so busy caring for its packmates, but some do anyway. A healer is usually the main delegate between the pack and the star dogs, delivering mysterous prophecies and visions both to their Alpha.
    Healing Herbs:

    Herbs for Strength:
    Juniper Berries- Grow on Evergreen Bushes. Give a dog with exhaustion only three or so, as two many can actually cause a bellyache.
    Fennel- Notails grow this in herb-plantations and it also grows wild around the Training Ruins in Rip Pack territory, although it's very hard to get within their borders. Good herb to give to traveling dogs.
    Ginger- Must be dug up and to do so is hard work. Hard to locate and even then it's rare.
    Peppermint Leaves- Grows around the streams in River Pack territory, but the other packs DO NOT have access to any peppermint.
    Lamb's Ear - Used to give a dog strength.

    Herbs for Bellyache:
    Juniper Berries: Only give three or four two an ailing dog- overdose can actually make the pain worse!
    Dandelion Leaves and Roots- Used especially in stomachaches which are caused by spoiled or poisoned prey.
    Chervil - The juices of the leaves are used for infected wounds, and chewing the roots helps with bellyache.
    Parsley- Soothes minor bellyache if eaten.
    WaterMint - The best cure for bellyaches. Eat. Has a really good minty taste, you'll know when you eat it.

    Herbs for Infection Prevention/Treatment:
    Marigold Leaves- Chew these into a paste and apply to a wound at risk/already infected.
    Horsetail- Tail, spindly plant. Chew also into a pulp, apply to new wounds, and DON'T FORGET TO WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT!!!
    Burdock Root - When the dug up root has been washed, it can be chewed into a pulp which is good for all cuts and scrapes, especially rat bites, even if they're infected.
    Wild Garlic - rolling in this can help to keep out infection. If you got lots of cuts and scrapes, especially from rat bites, make sure you roll in some wild garlic to keep out infection.
    Dried Oak Leaf - Used to stop infections.
    Echinacea - Used to ease infection.
    Chervil - The juices of the leaves are used for infected wounds.

    Herbs for the heart/blood flow:
    Fennel- Give to a dog with poor blood flow and/weak heart.
    Cinnamon Root- Exhances circulation as well. Grind root into dried dust and then feed to patient.
    Aloe Vera - Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems or burns.
    Blessed Thistle - increases circulation of blood

    Herbs for Skin Ailments:
    Aloe Vera - Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems or burns.
    Milkweed - Use to treat sores or burns. Do not use around ears or eyes. Poisonous when eaten.
    Sore Bones/Joints~
    Yew Berries - HIGHLY POISONOUS! Roots & leaves may be chewed together and applied to sore joints, but never near the reach of a pup's tongue!!!! If swallowed, try to scrape all reminants out of throat and wash patient's belly out will yarrow. Patrent will be very weak and may not live.
    Daisy Leaves - If chewed into a paste, it can be a useful remedy for aching joints.
    Goldenrod - A poultice of goldenrod is great for healing wounds, and can also help aching joints and stiffness.
    Fennel Stalks - Break the stalks and squeeze the juices into the recipient’s mouth to ease hip pain.
    Nettle (leaves) - The leaves are applied to reduce swelling.
    Willow Bark- Small amounts of Willow Bark may be consumed to ease pain and act against inflammation.
    Cracked Paw-Pads~
    Marigold- Chew the leaves into a paste and apply to bleeding or sore pads; fights off infection and heals.
    Sage Roots - Use for cracked pads. Chew into a pulp.
    Bee Stings~
    Blackberry Leaves - when chewed to a pulp, it helps eases the swelling of bee stings.
    Stinging Nettle - The leaves are used to reduce swelling. The seeds are used to counter poison by inducing vomiting. DON"T TOUCH THE SEEDS WITH YOUR PAWS!!!!!!
    Basic Wounds~
    Ferns - Used to clean out wounds.
    Ivy- Heals small scrapes.
    Willow Tree- It may also be applied to dry patches of skin to sooth itches.

    Herbs for Belles (Pregnant and nursing mothers):
    Borage Leaves - Helps nursing mothers with their milk supply. Borage should never be used dried, only green.
    Parsley - Used to stop the flow of a queen's milk- ONLY GIVE TO A BELLE IF HER PUPS DIE- EFFECTS CANNOT BE REVERSED!!!!!
    Raspberry - An herb used in whelping, It could be a painkiller, or to help stop bleeding during the whelping.
    Iris - Used to stimulate breathing during the birthing process; can also be used for pup's sore throats. Everything but the petals is poisonous.
    Narcissus - Soothes a dog when she is having contractions.
    Rose Petals- Treat for board pups to munch on. Great distraction if the mother/littermates die.

    Herbs for Pups:
    Parsley- To be given to young pups; it helps the growing circulation and blood vessels.
    Cilantro- Good for growing adolescent pups- helps with rapid bone growth.
    Spearmint- Overall new pup health.

    Sedatives (DO NOT OVERDOSE!!!!!):
    Bramble Twigs - Chew this into a fine syrup. It helps to sleep.
    Poppy Seeds - The best herb there is to numb pain, distress, and shock and ensure a good night's sleep.
    Thyme - Should be consumed to calm the anxious cat, or to aid in bringing restful sleep. Fine if overdosed.
    Dandelion Leaves - Used to calm a dog. Fine if overdosed.
    Willow bark- Small amounts of Willow Bark may be consumed to ease pain.
    Lavender- May be eaten by pups as well as adults, which makes it an ideal calming herb for new pups.

    Herbs for Poison Expelling:
    Nettle (seeds) - Used to counter poison. The seeds are swallowed.
    Snakeroot - Used to counter poison. Eat small bits of root.
    Red Clover buds- If eaten, it expells poison through the digestive tract as normally- don't use if the dog is in danger of dying from the poison!

    Calming Herbs:
    Chamomile - Used to calm a distressed dog. Leaves and Flowers may be consumed to sooth a dog and add to their physical strength.
    Ivy - Used to help calm a cat and help heal small scrapes. Also used for coughs, if nothing else is available.

    Herbs for Coughs:
    Honey- Soothes a raw throat and is a cough expectorant as well.
    Bee Balm- Supports an ailing respirtory system..

    Herbs for Fever:
    Feverfew - Used to cool feverish dogs and treat head pain. Leaves can be used to reduce fever, in addition to being consumed to aid against colds and stomach ailments.
    Lavender - Leaves & flowers are particularly good when eaten for easing pains in head and throat, and curing fever. Inhaling the scent of fresh flowers can also calm the nerves.

    Herbs for Broken Bones:
    Comfrey - Used to treat broken bones. Chew into a piecey-pulp and apply to broken area.

    Eye Ailment Herbs:
    (Broken) Rosemary Blossoms - used to heal eye infection or to cover up wounds around the eyes or eyelids.
    Willow Tree - Water from beneath the bark of the flowering willow may be dripped into the eyes to help clear blurriness of vision. It may also be applied to dry patches of skin to sooth itches. Small amounts of Willow Bark may be consumed to ease pain, act against inflammation, and to ease diarrhea or fevers.

    Herbs to induce Vomiting after being Poisoned:
    Yarrow - Used to make a dog vomit and expel poisons from the body. Entire plant should be consumed to induce vomiting. Entire plant should be chewed and applied to wounds to relieve pain and prevent infection. Only give it to dogs that ate something poisonous. Sometimes when dogs are really sick yarrow is used to make the patient vomit out the sickness. That only works sometimes. This herb can also be used as an ointment, used to soften paw pads.

    Herbs to kill a tick/flea Infestation:
    Catmint, Marigold, rosemary, and Mint- Apply liberally to any infested are- including on patient,

    Other Miscellanious Non-herbal Remedies.
    Ash- Roll in to get rid of fleas or ticks.
    Cobwebs - Used to stop bleeding. Generally only used with wounds that risk bleeding heavily as they can cause increased risk of infection.
    Grass - Use to treat bellyache.
    Honey - Used to treat sore throats. Particularly good for smoke inhalation.


    These are all dogs over five moons that are not expecting pups. They have been through their Naming Journey and have trained hard under the protective guidance of two packtors. They hunt, patrol, and guard. Usually around 10-15 per pack. Allowed to take mates and when they are expecting, the she-dogs become belles. Their is a Hiearchy Order- all of these dogs have won and won their rank among the hunters. To move up in rank, a lesser dog must challenge the higher-ranked hunter to a fair battle and they dual. If the challenger wins, he takes that dog's rank. If he looses, he stays where he is. The higher-ranked a hunter is, the faster he/she gets to take their meal. Example: Alpha takes food and eats. Beta takes food and eats. Then Ash takes food and eats. Then Forest takes and eats... and so on, down until the Omegas. These dogs also are allowed to give orders to the Omegas and pups. A dog must be an adult hunder in order to be a packtor.

    These are all expecting and nursing she-dogs of pups under 3 moons. Once a pup begins its packtoring training, the she-dog moves out of the belles' den and returns to her normal hunter status. Belles get first pick over the Prey Pile- even over Alpha, because they must nourish the growing pups within them. A belle usually has anywhere between 1-6 pups. Much over that- half of the pups are born weak and die soon.

    Any young dog under five moons. Their Pup Name always has a -pup suffix and the first part of their Pup name describes them (e.i. Specklepup, Darkpup). Until they reach 3 moons, they live and sleep with the belles. Once reaching three moons, two packtors are choosen for them and they start training vigorously. They move to the pups' den once they are packtored. Once reaching 5 moons and deemed worthy by Alpha and its packtors, the pup goes on a day-long Naming Journey. In this, the young dog peruses the territory, and sometimes beyond the territory, for a Name they think will fit. They bring a Name Object that represents their new Name (e.i. a river birch twig for Birch, a live thrush for Thrush, exc.) and return to camp at exactly midnight. They announce their new Name and the pack welcomes the new hunter by calling it out repeatedly. At this point, the pup is no longer addressed by its Pup Name, but by its permanent hunter Name. If a pup has not finished the satisfactory amount of training by 5 moons, it will continue training with its packtors until the Alpha deems his/her training finished. If this happens, the late pup does not go on a Naming Journey, but the pack chooses his/her Name for him/her.
    No pups under 5 moons are allowed to partake in the Star Howl.
    Packtors for Pups~
    When a pup graduates from the nursery at 3 moons, the Alpha chooses two lucky dogs and they become its packtors, training it in hunting, fighting, patroling, and howling. There are always two packtors- a male and a she-dog. The packtors cannot be related to the pup in any way. The pup is not allowed to go out of camp FOR ANY REASON without its packtors/or permission from them directly. The packtors are deemed fully responsible for the pup's safety. Once the pup reaches 5 moons and finishes its Naming Journey, they are no longer needed, but most likely the packtors and young hunter remain close friends.
    The Naming Journey:
    When a pup reaches 5 moons and finishes its packtoring training, it is time for its Naming Journey on the full moon of its fifth moon. The eldest pup goes first and is first to leave camp at dawn. The pack's healer licks all of the pups' right paw-pad as a sign of entering a new generation. The entire pack will fast and commence a silent vigil the entire 12 hours. Then all pups must go on a 12-hour journey, starting at dawn, and returning EXACTLY at midnight. Eldest should come into camp first, bearing a Name Object (a live Thrush for Thrush, a white flower for Moon, etc.). The Alpha should still be on the addressing-place of that specific pack when the pups return. Alpha jumps off of its rock or hill, lands beside the pup, and bites across left ear- a wound that will scar and be a forever mark of a gone puppyhood. The eldest pup mounts the addressing-place of the Alpha and lets its Name Object fall from its mouth to the ground (or fly off XD). The young dog then announces its new Name and the pack will honor it by repeatedly chanting its new Name- "Spring, Spring, Spring!" or "Night, Night, Night!".

    These are former belles and hunters, now retired. In a pack, there are usually around five or six. Deeply respected and their stories are anticipated by their pack. Elders are hunted and cared for by the younger dogs. Their bedding is cleaned daily by the pups and young hunters. Usually older than 70 moons. Sometimes, if a young hunter is critically ill, fatally injured, permanantly disfigured or has a debilitating illness, it is moved to the elders' den early.

    Omega Pair:
    These dogs are at the bottom of the heap. They fetch, clean, groom, carry, and do every other task a dog can think of. There are two and they are always the smallest, weakest pair of mates in the pack. Always mates; even if there are smaller, weaker dogs, only the weakest PAIR can be demoted to Omegas. An Omega should never complain or groan about its tasks. Receives food and always eats last during the Prey Ceremony; sometimes there is none at all. Omegas may collectively fight another low-ranked pair after being Omegas for two moons and try to win the fight- if so, they are therefore be raised to hunters and the losers are the new Omega Pair. Omegas are always addressed by "Omegas."


    These are wild dogs who choose not to live with a pack. Sometimes wander into a pack's territory and steal prey. Some eventually join a pack after a hard beating by Notails or the elements. Most don't take mates and most don't have pups. LONERS ARE NEVER PERMITTED TO HOWL IN THE STAR HOWL!!!!!

    Notail pets:
    Dogs who live within the walls of a Notail den and resides among Notails. Despised by pack dogs. Sometimes these escape and are permitted to join a pack. Occasionally found wandering and lost on a pack's territory and are usually kindly guided back to their Notails, since otherwise they'd be on the pack's territory for days.

    Outdoor or kenneled dogs. Usually happen to be guard dogs. Usually more wild and cold than Notail pets; if they can escape, they are always permitted to join a pack.

    Humans. They pose serious threats to pack dogs with their traps, guns, and tracking dogs.

    Small group of three vacation houses on River Pack's territory. Forbidden to venture near.

    1. The pack is your life. Trust it with your life and the pack will give its life for yours
    2. Obey the boundaries set by your neighboring packs. Challenge trespassing dogs/coyotes.
    3. Never take a mate from another pack!
    4. If you are found howling in the Star Howl and were not specifically invited, you are immediately banned from all packs!!!!
    5. Do not kill without a valid reason- except in major battles. NEVER KILL ON BORDER FIGHTS!!!!!
    6. Pups must obey every superior they have- except Omegas.
    7. The Omegas shall always be address by "Omega" and the Omegas should never whine or complain.
    8. Alphas and Betas are always to be addressed by "Alpha" and "Beta."
    9. All pups must be mentored for at least two moons before becoming a hunter!
    10. A Beta/Alpha may NOT take a hunter mate if they have none when they become Alpha/Beta and their Alpha/Beta is open for a mate!
    11. Food is always taken in Pack Rank and the dog previous to you must be finished before you even CHOOSE your prey.
    12. The belles and elders will always have prey reserved for them- even make it a point just to hunt for them.
    13. If a pup is not deemed ready to become a hunter a 5 moons, he/she will continue training until their Alpha says he/she is finished. His/her name will be given to him/her in a Naming Ceremony, not a Naming Journey.
    14. A pack dog forever rejects the life of a Notail pet. One cannot live with a paw in both worlds.

    Dogs/wolves/coyotes battle eachother when their is trespassing, prey-stealing, or territory-claiming. Dogs/wolves/coyotes ARE never killed on Border Fights (trespassing revenge.) DO NOT CRITICALLY INJURE, CRIPPLE, OR KILL SOMEONE'S DOG WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION!!!!! Basic moves are: belly scrape, duck, slide, crouch, scratching flanks, biting flanks, scruff grips, clawing blindly, leaping over, scratching blindly- and the death blow is a bite to the underside of the neck- USE ONLY IF YOUR OWN LIFE IS ENDANGERED!!!!

    The Star Howl:
    Done once a moon- at the night of the true full moon. Howl occurs no matter what- rain, wind, or blizzard. It is a great honor to be chosen to Howl. A day before the full moon, the Alpha holds howling auditions among ONLY the hunters- NO belle, pup, elder, or Omega may even TRY OUT. The ten best howlers then go to the beach if River Pack/Canyon Pack, Sun Grass Meadow if Storm Pack, or the Training Ruins for the coyotes- the places on each territory where the moon is fully visible. Then the Alpha will start the Howl, then the Beta, then the Healer, then so forth until the whole group is howling simultaneously. A truly exhilarating and bonding experience. Some say they even can see Sirius or Procyon during the Howl. Taken very seriously and is no light affair. Any loners, Notail pets, or jailedpets that have joined the pack must wait 5 moons before trying out for the Star Howl. All pups are taught howling by their packtors. Any dog that uses the cover of night to follow the pack to its Howl Place, when he/she has been forbidden, will be banished from all packs immediately.

    [COLOR=333333]~River Pack​[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Some might say this is the pack which heroes rise out of. But others say they are just like any of the other packs, and, even more, way too soft. These dogs are loyal, tenacious, powerful, fleet, brave, and considerate. Their hunting and stalking teniques are revered and their squirrel-hunting is legendary. They may not be the most intelligent pack in the land, but they sure do know where their loyalties lie. They regard Pack Law with immense respect.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333] River Pack's camp is in a sandy cove of sycamore trees maybe a hundred dog-lengths from the River. The trees give it enough covering so that it is not visible from across the River, but the forest where they reside is not nearly as dense as Dark Pack's. A small stream trickles through the camp. Their territory is mainly small trees, with some beaches and Notail dens within it. The hunters' den is a dug-out tunnel that networks around the roots of the largest sycamore in camp. The Alpha and Beta's den is a small cave in the middle of camp with a short tunnel to get in and a surprising expanse of living space. It is lined with the softest moss. The healer's den is a fallen oak tree with a short dug-out room for the healer to store his/her herbs and then a small tunnel up the trunk that opens to a small living area. The pups' den is another dug-out root-den- this one at the base of an ash tree. The belles' den is a small bramble thicket enforced by even more moss and brambles, while the elders' den is simply a cove beneath the over-hanging branches of a weeping willow tree; when it rains, they shelter in the belles' den.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]Alpha: Midnight- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Beta: Open for now, but this dog will have to die soon so the Prophecy can begin.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Healer: Breeze- HeavensHens88
    Healer's Apprentice: Not needed until healer grows old.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Hunters: [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Hawk- HeavensHens88
    Ember- Frost bite88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Apple- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Ash- HeavensHens88 (IMPORTANT: This is River Pack's dog in the Prophecy.)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Leopard- Frost bite88
    And around 15 more Hunters are open.
    Birch- Cluckcluck1215 (IMPORTANT: This is River Pack's second dog in their Prophecy and also the full sister of Ash.) [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Raven- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Specklepup- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Plumepup- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Elders: [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Windsong- HeavensHens88
    Omega Pair:

    [COLOR=333333]~Canyon Pack[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]These dogs are legendary fighters and their strength is unsurpassed. Tenacious, brave, bold, muscular, and slightly dense. They hunt fish and are excellent at it. They regard the Pack Law with respect as well and therefore have immense respect for boundaries. Usually light-pelted, but not always.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Canyon Pack's camp is literally on their side of the River's beach. It slopes upward and on the shore is where they sleep currently. Hunters sleep directly on the beach, which may seem dumb because they are prone to attack, but they have so much faith in their strength they sleep peacefully. Belles and elders reside in a cove of brambles slightly farther into their territory along with the Alpha and Beta's den nearby so they can be guarded. Their territory is mainly sand with a few sparse willow trees and trickling streams- also a small pond where they teach their pups to swim. They call their beach Wave-lapped Shore and the training pond is simply, Training Pond.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]Alpha: River- Feather hearts[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Beta: Stream- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Healer: Lily- Feather Hearts
    Healer's Apprentice: Not needed until healer grows old.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Hunters: [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Winter- Frost bite88 (Important: This is Canyon Pack's Dog in the Prophecy.)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Mudskipper- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Rip-tide- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Bracken- Feather Hearts
    [COLOR=333333]Dotpup- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Elders: [/COLOR]
    Omega Pair:
    Otter- HeavensHens88
    And her mate is open.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]~Storm Pack:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]These dogs are just plain feared. Cold, ruthless, tenacious, strong, clever, guile, and manipulative- although there are a select few who rebel against the anger and heartlessness thrown upon this pack by the revengeful wolf Dark Storm. Usually dark-pelted, but not always. They follow Pack Law when it's convenient for them.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]Within a dense, dense, dense dark forest. No dog outside of Storm Pack has yet been able to locate it. Every group of dogs live in a bramble-hut, all fitted to size. The branches are impenetrable to anything, including rain. The massive boulder from which the Alpha addresses the pack is called Reign Rock. There is a Training Hollow that's even darker than the rest of the forest where the pups are trained. The only spot in their territory that receives sunlight, a small meadow, is called Sun Grass and is considered sacred.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]Alpha: Dark Storm- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Beta: Tempest- Run Wild[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Healer: Fog- HeavensHens88
    Healer's Apprentice: Open, but not yet needed. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Star- Reserved by Cluckcluck1215 (IMPORTANT: This is Storm Pack's dog in the Prophecy.)
    Doe- Frost bite88 [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]The rest are open.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Bramble- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Ivypup- HeavensHens88
    Blackpup- Frost bite88 [/COLOR]
    Omega Pair:
    Two scrawny coyotes-open.

    [COLOR=333333]~Rip Pack:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Loosely organized pack of coyotes. Most coyotes are ruthless, crazed, trespassers, and otherwise to be avoided. There are a civilized few, mainly Flame and some of the younger coyotes. They don't abide or even believe in Pack Law normally. The current Beta believes in the dogs' Pack Law and is an advocate for peace.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]The coyotes sleep wherever fits them nightly. Most of their elders die because they never have any shelter. Their territory abuts Canyon Packs' on the opposite side of the massive River from where River Pack resides. They train their pups in an abandoned and dilapidated Notail den, called Training Ruins.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]Alpha:  Cinder- Cluckcluck1215 [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Beta: Claw- Fluffers[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Healer: COYOTES DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!![/COLOR]
    Reed- PeepersMama
    Flame- Cluckcluck1215
    Falcon- Frost bite88
    Disaster- Frost bite88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Otter- Heavenshens88[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Mink- HeavensHens88
    Shadow- PeepersMama[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=333333]Calamitypup- HeavensHens88[/COLOR]
    Since they could care less about their weakers, their Omegas never survive long, but open.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=333333]Language Barriers:[/COLOR]

    • [COLOR=333333]
    • Dogs, coyotes, wolves, and foxes: These can all communicate among themselves, although a fox's voice is a vague dialect of canine, therefore it always sound like they're talking in bad grammar to Wolves/dogs/coyotes- "Goes and getter the pwetty lipple doags!"[/COLOR]
    • All other animals can not communicate to canines![/COLOR]

    All canines believe in Sirius and Procyon. You go reside with these celestial guardians among the stars when you die. You can see Sirius and Procyon as single stars on clear night (Canis Major and Canis Minor). Sirius, the golden she-dog, is thought to rule the day, and her mate, Procyon, a dark gray male, is the sacred guardian of the night. There names are used in exclamations and prayers- "Oh, great Sirius!" Or- "Procyon, help us!"

    ~Forum to Join~
    Age (in moons):
    Packtors: (IF UNDER 5 MOONS AND ARE A PUP!-like mentors from Warriors, but there are two- an adult male and a female)
    Description of bodily attributes:
    Breed if dog or species if wolf/coyote:

    MEMBER PAGE: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/a-howl-at-midnight-a-forgotten-dogs-roleplay-member-page
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  2. HeavensHens88

    HeavensHens88 Remembering the Forgotten

    May 17, 2015
    on a major memory trip
    Not totally done with the info about the dogs, but you can still join, guys.
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  3. Cluckcluck1215

    Cluckcluck1215 Free Ranging

    I don't want Winter or Flame........Just Star and Birch
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  4. HeavensHens88

    HeavensHens88 Remembering the Forgotten

    May 17, 2015
    on a major memory trip
    XD Cluck okay- just Star and Birch... oh wait- Ash is still there... I'll fix it later- I have to go now.
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  5. Frost bite88

    Frost bite88 Crowing

    Oct 11, 2014
    I don't know, find me :P
    Aw man I was hoping I'd be able to get Star but I'll let this lone tear fall as I miss my change (That's a bit dramatic)

    Do you think I can have Winter?
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  6. hmm this looks interesting... i think i might join
  7. HeavensHens88

    HeavensHens88 Remembering the Forgotten

    May 17, 2015
    on a major memory trip
    Sure,Frost- go ahead and make Winter! I guess Cluck only wants Star and Birch- I'll edit Birch into the Prophecy within the hour, Cluck! *winks*
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  8. Cluckcluck1215

    Cluckcluck1215 Free Ranging

    Pack:Storm Pack
    Age (in moons):17 moons
    Packtors: (IF UNDER 5 MOONS AND ARE A PUP!-like mentors from Warriors, but there are two and a male and a female)She died
    Personality:Kind, Firce, great at fighting and hunting
    Description of bodily attributes:Star is a jet black she dog with a white star on her forhead(hence her name)and she has white paws
    Mate/crush:None, but open
    Parents:Shimmer and Luke dead
    Other:She is in the profacy

    Pack:River Pack
    Age (in moons):?
    Packtors: (IF UNDER 5 MOONS AND ARE A PUP!-like mentors from Warriors, but there are two and a male and a female)
    Personality:kind, soft, sweet
    Description of bodily attributes:White she dog with speckled black legs and what looks like black eyeliner around her eyes
    Parents:Fang and unknown
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  9. HeavensHens88

    HeavensHens88 Remembering the Forgotten

    May 17, 2015
    on a major memory trip
    Okay Cluck- Birch is now the full-blooded sister of Ash and resides in River Pack- okay? Thank you so much to everyone who has already joined!!!
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  10. i'll make a character later, GTG
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