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    The only credit I take for this post is my resourcefulness in searching for recipes. I had friends at another place online that surely needed this as a guide to their crockpot experiences...

    I'm constantly amazed at the good recipes available at the following sites. Next time you want to make something look around at these sites. One of the things I like about Epicurious.com is:
    a) most of the recipes come from really famous restaurants or Gourmet or Bon Appetit magazines. Look at a recipe, scroll down and see how participating members post their comments and little modifications they made to the listed recipe and the results that they got. This is priceless info that can encourage the experimenter in YOU to try. The Epicourious link has the typical search feature window:


    The FoodTV link has a search feature by recipe OR you can go to the list of chefs/shows on the left of the page and pull up your favorite tv personalities or their shows - say you saw a Rachael Ray episode (perish the thought) and want that recipe, it'll be there...


    Lastly the crock pot recipes, each one of these links has an alphabetical list (characters a thru z) click on each of those characters for many recipes... There must be 10,000 recipes posted via these links... Go crazy looking around. Give us some feedback on ones you have tried... save us all some work.





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    I just purchased a brand new Hamilton Beach crockpot/slow cooker, so this will be very helpful to me. Thanks! [​IMG] Genie

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