A Letter ... Warning tissues needed... Harrisons 18th Bday is Thurs..

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    Dear Hillary and Harrison,
    Today I read a beautiful story and it got me to thinking about the two of you. It still amazes me that it has been five years since you both left this world. I feel you both with me everyday, when I am sad Hillary, a hug from you is all I need to feel better.. When I am lonely Harrison, you always seem to put a hand on my shoulder. I miss you both sometimes more then I can bear. Hillary you would be Graduating school now and going off to College. Harrison you would be driving now and breaking young girls hearts. I miss the way you would both smile and run to hug me everyday, I miss that we could argue and seconds later hug and makeup..

    Hillary i miss your poetry and your music and your crazy fashion sense.. I miss the way you always new when I needed a hug or a shoulder to cry on.. I miss your smile and your love and your compassion for everything from the smallest ant to the biggest biker dude.. I miss seeing you wear your duckie boxers over your pants to school, I miss how excited you got each and everytime I called... I miss your Bravery.. I miss your Heart...

    Harrison you were always the thinker, you couldnt accept anything until you dissected it again and again .. I miss seeing the furrow you made in the grove where you would walk everyday and think... I miss your crazy questions and how you would always get mad when I beat you on Dr. Mario.. I miss your crazy ideas and wonderful love of life.. I miss how you always looked out for the lil guy.. Did you see the little boy you helped from those bullies at your funeral? He looked up to you soo much... I miss the countless hours we spent watching KillBill and Fargo... Oh and dont forget Kung POw....

    Hillary I am sorry I couldnt help you when I was doing CPR on harrison..Seeing you there not feet away from me and feeling so helpless that I couldnt help you.. I am sorry the fire fighters did'nt look for you... I am sorry you didnt get to say goodbye to me or your mother... I am sorry that your life was cut so short.. I know you would have been an amazing mother and wife. I am sorry that my Children didnt get to meet you and grow with you and learn to love you as I do...

    Harrison I am sorry that I couldnt save you and I am sooo sorry if I caused you pain during your last moments with us. I am sorry for not always listening to you.. I am sorry for for not letting you teach me to play the guitar for always saying not today or maybe tommorow... I am sorry I will never see you become a Man..I am sorry I'll never hold your children.....

    Your Mother is doing good, she has found herself an amazing man.. Is working again and seems she to be learning to live again.. We still have our boohoo moments but they will come and go forever I assume... She is still watching out for your Grandparents and keeping Crazy Aunt Mary in line as bet she can... You know how HARD that is... Corezan is beautiful and getting bigger everyday.. Your big brother is doing great he's working has a nice car and a nice place to live.. i get to see him quite a bit nowadays and we get to talking about you guys...

    I want you both to know you will always be with me ..I carry your love and spirit with me always.. You both have a place in my Heart and My Soul.. Til we meet again in the Summerlands...
    Your Gay Best Friend

    7/5 So i was just reminded by the kids' mom that Harrisons Bday is on Thurs. He would have been 18 yrs old.. I cant even begin to imagine what he would looked like and how much he would have changed... Love you Harry Man....
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    Goodness. Thanks for touching my soul so deeply.

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    Thanks for reading it folks.. I actually do pretty well nowadays .. Just seems something triggers me to think about em and then I realize they missed this holiday or that... Anyone out there with PTSD I highly reccomend EMDR .. Its amazing and saved my life... Heres the link to the main EMDR website.. http://www.emdr.com/.. I truly would not be here today without it...

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