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    [​IMG]Its a real damp cold day, and I am sitting here at the computer by the woodstove. Theres plenty to do mind you, but I do like to play once in awhile, lol.
    Heres my place in pictures, and some of my family. Hope you like them.
    This is my house. It was built in 1817. This farm has been in the family for 9 generations now! It will soon be 200 years old. (the farm). I see this thing is doing stuff backwards. The picture should be below this. Oh well. The picture of the barn is our barn, lol. This barn was built in the 1800's too, and from stone from the back of the farm, just like the house. We put siding on it about 25 years ago. Whenever I hit the enter key, the cursor goes back under the house picture. I hope when I am done this, it will make sense.
    Ok. I guess you can't post a picture and have a blurb about it, under it. The third picture is of us harvesting our wheat. This is one field, and its behind our barn. The rainbow picture is directly beside that wheat field. A laneway divides the farm in half. The city in the next picture is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I am standing on top of our silo when I took this picture. Ok.. I have to go and drive my school bus now.. but I will be back to post more later!
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    May 21, 2008
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    That's one nice place. Seriously beautiful.

    I think it would be wonderful to live in a home where you
    can count nine generations of your family having lived. There
    must be some stories there...

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    Thanks guys! Heres some more, now that I am home!
    This is a wheat field with a nice rainbow behind it! It was corn last year. This year, soybeans

    This is at the very back of the property. We have 25 acres of bush surrounding what WAS pasture. We
    have since fenced the cattle out of the bush and sensitive areas' like the streams and ponds. Those fields
    are now hayfields.
    Same hayfield, with my daughter (the brunette) and her friend enjoying the horses. This was a photo shoot
    as you can see the girls are 'dressed up'. This was taken 2 years ago. The horses are half siblings, and
    were taught to bow on command.
    Melissa jumping Alice thru the bush. Shes gotten real serious about jumping horses since this pic was taken
    2 years ago.
    Another fun pic.
    Introducing Holly. Our current pooch.
    A member of our wild family. When I saw her up there, I quickly snapped the picture!
    More residents, only they truly are! We have a cabin in the bush, and these guys come out at night and
    feed at the birdfeeder. They live in the ceiling, and this species of flying squirrel are the clean kind, thank
    goodness! Ok, thats all for now! I will be back with more,lol.
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    Mar 29, 2011
    What a beautiful farm you have there! Your pictures are amazing too! [​IMG] I want to see more! Seriously, I could look at these pictures all day!
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    Wow! really pretty pictures!! [​IMG]
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    New Jersey
    Beautiful place! Like all the pictures - LOVE the 'wheat field rainbow' shot. 9 generations on one piece of land is a pretty neat thing. Hope it stays in the family ad infinitum.
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    You are fortunate, indeed, to be living in such a great place. The stone house is a treasure and it looks well taken care of. I will bet that right now the winds are blowing across a frozen Lake Ontario and the temps feel like zero. Tough winters but the best summers.
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    Apr 7, 2010
    If only those walls could talk! I can only imagine the deeply rooted feeling you must have living in a home that has been in the family for so many generations. Talk about pride of ownership! This seems to be a pretty rare occurrence these days. I just love the photo of the field being worked. Thanks for sharing [​IMG]

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