A Little Chicken Humor


6 Years
May 5, 2013
A friend called to tell me what she just got in the mail and to tell on Mary Loo. Mary Loo is one of the girls and she somehow got at my computer and sent this out to our friends.


We wanted to send you pictures of us and our new house. The first picture is of us girls: Betty Loo, Cindy Loo, Emma Loo, and Lucie Loo. You can’t tell by the picture but we are a beautiful dark auburn color. We are pretty friendly.


The second picture is our new home. It was built to be comfortable and it is just over 6 feet high at the tallest point. This is where we eat and drink and spend a lot of time playing and eating up the great things we get like fresh cabbage, kale, sweet potatoes and even plain spaghetti. To the left is the coop where we sleep. Pretty soon we will be laying eggs and that addition sticking out in front is where we will lay our eggs. It is called a nesting box. Word has it that the ramp we use to get in and out of the coop is going to be renovated. It will be cleaned and then painted. While the paint is still wet, play sand will be scattered on the paint and will give us traction going up and down. Except for the roof, The Chicken Lady built it all by herself. She has gotten too old to climb on the roof.


The third picture is of our water system. The picnic cooler is filled to the top with fresh water and gravity brings it down to the long white thing below. It is a PVC pipe with four water tips underneath. As soon as it was installed, it took us only minutes to start getting our water here. We wouldn’t mind if occasionally it was filled with Pina Colada. To the very right of the picture is a black hole with a piece of metal just above it. That is our automatic door opener. It lets us out at daylight and closes at dusk. Our mom, The Chicken Lady, takes care that we are as safe and as comfortable as possible. She thinks it matters to us but all we want is a Pina Colada.

The last picture is an apron that The Chicken Lady’s Cousin Cheri sent her to wear to collect the eggs once they start coming. There are 12 pockets and we can’t wait until she can start wearing it to come and collect our eggs. Who knows, maybe they will be golden eggs. For as much as it has cost The Chicken Lady so far, they had better be delicious or we are afraid that we will end up on a rotisserie with dreaded B-B-Q sauce on us.

Well, the sun is coming out and we have got to sun bathe a while.

Lots of love from Betty Loo, Cindy Loo, Emma Loo and Lucie Loo and The Chicken Lady

From the Chicken Lady....Does anyone out there have similar issues with their ladies? Have they been spoiled? Was I wrong to sing Dean Martin Italian love songs to them since they were just days old? I don't really think it is the singing because they seem to join in with the singing or maybe they are trying to drown me out. They don't know that I had to get the law changed in our county to have them. Should I tell them or not? Would it just put too much pressure on them and maybe cause them to not lay eggs? I have not told them they are adopted. Do they need to know?

I hope you have enjoyed our little story. It is all true.


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