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So I've been feeding my chicks starter feed for the past five weeks. Over a week ago while at the feed store I asked the lady what to move them up to next since I know that they should be weaned off the starter after six weeks and the brand available seems to be much more different than what many chicken keepers on this forum are familiar with. She said I can move them straight to the layer feed since they are laying breeds.

Well, I think we can all agree that doesn't sound right. Layer feed at six/seven weeks of age?

I feed my adults the 17% layer feed, found here.

My chicks are currently eating the 20% chick starter, found here. On this same page it shows "grower" and "developer" feed with recommendations on when to switch. Well I don't know if this is actually the rule with this kind of feed, or a flexible guideline.

Can I just get the grower and keep feeding them that from six/seven weeks until they reach point of lay?

Thanks for reading!
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She said I can move them straight to the layer feed since they are laying breeds.

This is incorrect. You should not move them to a Layer till they are laying.

Now what you can do is either keep feeding them the Starter or move them to a Grower.

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Thank you Chris! I'll definitely get the grower then. Would it be safe to start introducing the grower today/tomorrow? The chicks have almost finished off the starter - probably only two to four days left before it's all gone. Little eating machines.
I've fed grower to newly hatched chicks with no ill-effects. I would also be happy to feed starter to them all the way through laying age. The only thing I would NOT do is feed a layer feed to pullets under 18 weeks of age.
That's pretty comforting to know. When I ordered two bags of 'grower' the lady told me - after the order was processed - to tell the guy that carries the bags to get 'developer'. I corrected her and she said, "Same difference." I told the guy to get grower, and guess what I read on the little label stapled on the bags when I got home? Developer.

There is a bit of a nutritional difference between the grower and developer in some aspects:

17% Chick Grower 14% pullet Developer
Crude Protein, min (%) 17.0 14.0
Lysine, min (%) 0.78 0.6
Crude Fiber, min (%) 5.0 7.0

Is the difference minimal enough to not adversely affect the chicks?

I think I might be overreacting... can anyone confirm?
My feed store has the developer, not grower. I didn't even know there was a difference actually, I start feeding it about about 5-6 weeks

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