A little help/advice for a newbie....


9 Years
Oct 12, 2010
Hey everyone, I'm new here and with having chickens also. I just hatched my first batch of eggs, and have a bit of a problem with one I think. I am almost sure it's foot is broken, it walks all weird on it and it is turned upside down. It looks like today it just started to bleed(not bad, kinda like when you scrape your knee). Also, it's head has not dried, and its eyes seem to not open. They will, I opened them myself, but after a few hours they closed back up again. I have already used a warm washcloth and dabbed it's head and CAREFULLY wiped over it's eyes but it does not seem to help. Any advice? Please? The chick is about 4 days old.



I'm sorry, but the chick evidently has genetic defects, and there could well be others that you haven't seen yet. Many on here would cull it, but others would try to raise it, maybe try to splint the foot in the correct position. It's a personal choice.

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