A little irritated. was supposed to pick up some Angora goats today.

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    So Ive been talking with my buddy Steve and he told me he had 5 female wallabies for sale and asked me if I wanted to buy them... I of coarse told him yes... Taking the oppertunity to drive 7 hours to pick them up.. I quickly looked for other animals to make my trip more cost effective. I found a place that sells Angora Goats, I called the Lady and she told me she had 4 for sale and that she was about 30 mins from Steves House... I asked her for her address and told her I would show up "Wednesday" Today about 1pm to pick up the goats... and she assured me that her husband and her would be home all day and looked forward to seeing me.

    Needless to say I felt comfortable with my deal and stopped looking for other goats.

    I got to Steves house about 12ish and to my supprise he had 6 female wallabies, not 5, so I bought the 6 ... THEY ARE SUPER CUTE... pictures soon, two of the wallabies have Joies in the pouch... Up in the Hill contry there is VERY BAD Cell phone reception, no signal... which is why I made plans with the lady to show up at 1pm... I left Steves house and I still had no Phone Service... but the GPS was working... suprise suprise... So I got to the ladies house at 1pm sharp today... still no signal... so i honked the horn for about 5 mins... Non stop, No Answer... the gate was not locked, so I opened the gate, drove up in my F-250 with an Aluminum trailer to pick up the goats, and closed the gate... I Went to the house, There was a 4X4 wheeler, and a Car in the drive way, the windows to the house were open.. I knocked on both the front and side door and called there names from the open windows... No answer, I honked the horn for another 5 mins... Nothing... I waited out side for about 15 to 20 mins.. and nothing... I could see the goats, llamas, and the gard dogs... Nothing... no people, nothing... So Since I had no service... i decided to head to town and call from a land line... The answer machine picke up... I left a meassage about me going over and no answer... ect... hung up the phone... ordered a burger... ate... and decied to try one more time to call be for I started my 7.5 hour drive home... Still no answer so I left another meassage and said, "Hello, its Andres, Thank you for your time. Sorry I missed YOu, I can only wait so long but I have to head back home if I am to stay on schedule. Thank you and have a great day." Pushing about 1.45pm... I had to head home..

    Its 10:30pm and the lady still has not called me, no email, nothing... I wonder what happend. Im a bit irritated because I expected to buy goats... and she new Id be there at 1pm, I spoke to her and her husband both... and they both asssured me they would be home. Maybe she changed her mind and could not tell me no so she ignored me.

    She asked If I had called her a few months ago as she said my name seemed familier when I 1st talked to her, and I told her I have never spoken to her because I just started reasearching Angora Goats, and that I am the owner of southtexasfeathers.com .It seemed to perfect...

    and while I was at her house, all her goats are nice and healthy, great skin, and nice size. Wonderful animals... I would have loved to have a few....
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    Jun 30, 2008
    I know the feeling. We took the trip to Cleveland, OH from Morgantown, KY for a specialist doctor visit quite a while back... 9 hour drive. Decided to make up for it by getting some chickens; blue polish, BLRW, houdans, blue orpingtons. Talked to the lady, set it up to pick them up on the way home, everything was awesome.

    As soon as we got there, their *#$%*$ dog jumped up on the car and scratched it... Went to the door, knocked, no answer. Waited 5 minutes, a man wandered out. Finally told us the chickens weren't his and he didn't know which ones were for sale, that he couldn't do anything and she wouldn't be home until 10 or 11 that night. (It was 5).

    I was so mad. She didn't get the nerve to e-mail or call me back. [​IMG]

    Well, this Friday I'll be making a 10 hour round trip to pick up two hedgehogs.
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    Best of luck with the Hedge hogs

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