A loooong coop plan - *picture*

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    Oct 9, 2009
    [​IMG] Ok chicken farmers.. I need ideas! [​IMG] Here is the lovely picture I made : http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2574/4131538522_f74782bdd1_o.png

    plan on having as many chickens as possible [​IMG]
    I plan on having Peacocks/hens as well
    I also will have quail (incubating now)

    The purple fencing in the picture is goat pens that were here when we got the house. So I was thinking maybe I could use part of them for the peacocks? By the way.. can peacocks/hens have the same setup as a chickens in their coop? Do they use nesting boxes etc? I obviously know nooothing about peacocks right now! I am also wondering if the peacocks need a covered runner.. or extra tall so they do not get out? [​IMG]

    When this is built, the chickens will be taken out of there current coops and will have freerange of that whole area (to the left of the long coop). I was thinking the existing coops I have now would be just to raise the chicks in until they are big enough to be with the others.

    How would YOU set all of this up? Feel free to draw on the picture with your ideas! [​IMG]

    Also.. should the coop have wooden floors..wire floors.. or just plain on the ground dirt floor?
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