a miracle?


14 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Queens, NY
I have my 4 bobwhite quail chicks that are almost 4 weeks old, well today i decided to turn off their heat lamp for a few hours, to prepare them for when i'll put them in their pens outside with no heat lamp and their fully feathered. Well when i went back to check them all the quails were huddled under each other and i immediately turn the lamp back on. When the chicks moved i noticed two quails that didn't look too good, they were lying with their legs stretched as if they were going to die
I couldnt understand why they were like that but i knew i had to do something to help them out. I looked on this forum and found that i should give them sugar water or even gadorade or pedialight to perk them up. I immediately went to give them sugar water, i was just praying that they wouldn't go. It was just amazing that a few mintues after i gave them the sugar water they went from weak and sluggish to all of a sudden they were up and walking again as if nothing happened
. I was pretty close to losing them but i'm just happy i got them that sugar water. The sugar water saved their life, I will always remember this for next time.
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It was most likely because they warmed back up. Quail get chilled VERY easily and that's how they lay when they're cold enough to think about dying.
The sugar water does give weak chicks a pick me up.

Do agree in this case, its was the heat. Amazing they get cold, you would think they are dead for sure.
Thanks guys for replying I appreciate it!!!

Its interesting how they lay when their cold they think about dying. Now i'll know for next time, if there happens to be.
Its just wierd how without heat they look so weak and sluggish then by warming them up their happy little chicks.

Thanks Again!!

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