A mother, A protector, A friend.

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    My story of the lost chick,
    Before everything began there was a nest and in that nest was a beautiful chicken with her lovely eggs. She sat on her babies to keep them warm through out the day and night. One day the 11 eggs started to shack except for one. After awhile the eggs cracked open one by one. Everyone of the eggs hatched and a bright new life was born. 11 baby chickens came into our world all except for one. The mother was worried that the baby was not alive. She waited hours but soon gave up. Not long after the nest was abandon. A terrible storm had hit and the nest was destroyed but the egg. The storm stopped and the clouds cleared. The beautiful sky had no clouds just peace.
    A cat not far came around. It was black and white with silver eyes, it was female. This cat seemed to be outdoors and was used to this type of nature. The cat wondered all around the destroyed land scape.*Crack* Crack* a sound came from bottom of a tree stump. The cat quickly sprinted to find the interesting noise. When the cat arrived to the fallen tree it noticed an open egg. She went to investigate this egg. After a minute she had found a little baby chicken all alone cold and wet. She rushed over to it as if it were her own. MEOW. She spoke. The chick looked up at the black cat. Its eyes widen and immediately cuddled next to the cat gathering her warmth. The cat sat in the other direction but the little chick followed. The cat was anoyed but didn't mind after awhile of being chased by the chicken.
    Where ever the cat went the chicken followed. The cat became its mother, protector and, friend.
    The chicken was getting older as was the cat. The cat had to protect the chicken for many months getting attacked at every angel. Soon the cat was getting sick. The chicken didn't realize it at all. After dinner they went to bed.The cat got up in the middle of the night and walked out from their hidding spot. She walked to a hill not far. She waited for the sun so she could leave the world in peace. When the sun started to rise the cat had fallen. The chicken woke up not long after and started to look for the cat. Once the chicken found the cat she was laying on the cold dark grass flowing in the wind. The chicken tried to get the cat awake but wasn't able to. The cat was dead. A mother, A protector, A friend, was now gone and he was alone.
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    That was a sweet and sad story.

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