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Feb 28, 2009
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If you are not aware there is a site, Thepoultrysite. com that has great information on poultry of course.. The latest newsletter sent to me has information from around the world, such as...

Polands' request for a 5 year delay in the law concerning Battery Cages in the EU.

Concerns about import of eggs due to the low supply of non-battery cage egg production.

Information concerning the health of chickens kept in the new design of cages.

Atlanta meeting concerning litter.

New castle disease.

Investigating Hatchery Nutrition. Specifically the effect of nutrition on the hatchability of eggs and chick mortality.

And lots more. Very worth getting this news lettter.

Don't know if others are aware but haven't seen it mentioned here..
Admins this a newsletter not a forum, as far as I know.

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