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    The Narnians have opened up their land to both the downtrod and the joyful, and they hope that you will soon join them. This movement was started when a human arrived, babbling about a burning closet.

    - All BYC rules apply.
    - No immedeate killing, better still, try not to kill anyone at all.
    - No dirty talking
    - No heated or cooled arguments. You may have debates and trivial and non-trivial discussions.
    - Have fun.

    The creatures one can be are:

    Daughters of Eve/Sons of Adam:
    They have no powers, but are very kind, and very helpful, which is probably better than any magical power!

    No powers, usually employed at marketplaces, their only duty is to wander, playing their flutes or guitars, sometimes singing.

    These Nymphs,(relatives of the fairies) usually look like their respective tree, and will become angered if a friends tree is cut down, killing the Nymph who lives inside. Powers of choice.

    Also related to fairies, these water sprites are merry folk, but nocturnal, as their favorite thing to do is dance under the moon, singing their mysterious songs, but they also love other things. Powers of choice.

    Half horse half man(Or woman), these creatures are messengers for all the creatures of Narnia. No powers.

    Tiny folk who live in little houses by the forest, stream, or a meadow. Powers of choice.

    Copy, paste and PM this to me, if you want to join.
    Appearance, (skin, hair, eyes.)
    BYC username:
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    May 5, 2010
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    LOL!!!! [​IMG]

    Name: Seesa ( [​IMG] )
    Gender: Female
    Creature: Human
    Appearance, (skin, hair, eyes.) Light blond/whiteish hair, Black eyes and dark tan skin.
    Personality: Quiet, gentle. But has a ferocious temper and will kick you hard in the shin if you anger her.
    History: Ran into the burning closet right before the portal to Narnia closed.
    Family: Nobody. Is orphan.
    Other: Eats lots of cream cheese, preferably with chocolate chips.
    BYC username: Ember.Opal
    Powers: Hyperness caused by over sugar-ifying.

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