A new incubator!i need help

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    okay so i was planning on making a new incubator.because the incubator that i have does not have enough room in it.i am hatching:
    light brahmas
    buff brahmas
    white crested blue polish
    and silver pheonix (aka silver duckwing)
    more to come!
    anyway i have two hens of each breed and i am planning to hatch All of the eggs that they lay if i am going to sell the chicks and have enough money to pay for supplies and such.
    Does anyone have any ideas for a cheap,easy to make but spacious incubator?
    please if you can post pictures or pm me.
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    Mar 24, 2013
    Elizabeth, CO
  3. mypurtychickens

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    I am trying to see if anyone has any ideas other than what is on there.but thanks [​IMG]

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